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743Re: [Synoptic-L] Keramon

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  • Jim West
    Oct 11, 2006
      Bob Schacht wrote:

      > Thanks, Jim. Does this show entrance to the roof through an opening in
      > the roof for the stairs?

      Nope. Just a ladder on the outside wall where some industrious looking
      woman appears to be spreading grain to dry.

      > Evidence-- even archaeological evidence-- can be confusing unless one
      > knows more about the context. For example, consider a common courtyard
      > house-- that is, a rectangular compound in which there are walls all
      > around the outside, and access limited to one (or more) door(s), but
      > open to the air in the middle. This has been common in many parts of the
      > Middle East, and many archaeological commentaries on standard house
      > plans take note of it. Then imagine a stairway leading from the
      > *interior courtyard* to the roof. If all you have is a remnant of the
      > compound consisting of the stairway and adjacent parts of the house--
      > but not the other three sides of the compound-- it might look as if the
      > stairway is on the outside exterior, i.e. public side, of the house,
      > even though it was on the inside (courtyard) side, and therefore
      > private. So here we need to know whether "exterior" means the public
      > side, or the internal courtyard side.

      I can't imagine constructing a house within a courtyard and then
      building the stair to the roof on the outside of the compound. That
      makes no sense. If such a stair existed, then it would have been inside
      the compound but outside the house.



      Jim West, ThD

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