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737RE: [Synoptic-L] Keramon

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  • Bob Schacht
    Oct 11, 2006
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      At 04:51 AM 10/11/2006, David Hindley wrote:

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      >All I can do is point you to a message on B-Hebrew that seemed to link to
      >some resources on the matters at hand.
      >You may need to consult authorities on Galilean archeology and/or building
      >practices in the ancient Mediterranean region.

      Indeed. I cannot offer any primary information about the archaeology, but
      modern Americans typically do not understand the extent to which Middle
      Easterners use their rooftops as living space, especially after dark. If
      that is the case, they had to have easy ways to get up there.

      >. . .Mark on the other hand just tells it like it probably was, with the men
      >digging through a part of a thatch and mud roof.

      The problem with this is that it assumes that the rooftop was NOT being
      used for living space, doesn't it?
      I find it interesting that the men and their invalid friend had no trouble
      getting up on the roof. Why should it be easy for strangers to get up on
      the roof, but difficult for people on the rooftop to get back inside?

      Bob Schacht

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