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  • Weaks, Joe
    Jun 1, 2006
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      When you say "Versions of the Prayer (in Matthew, in Luke, in the Didache)", I am guessing you would include the "Traditional Version", the one said in ecclesiological settings today that doesn't appear in that form in any scripture. How did it come to be, etc.

      Joe Weaks

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      With apologies for cross posting.

      I am finally beginning work in earnest on my book on the Lord's Prayer
      for Paulist Press' _What Are They Saying About_ Series.

      I have drawn up (and include below) a preliminary outline of the topics
      that I think are at the center of current discussions of the LP and that
      I will need to deal with.

      But I'd be grateful if List Members would let me know whether you think
      there are **other** topics that I've overlooked and/or that I should
      not neglect given the aim of the book .




      Versions of the Prayer (in Matthew, in Luke, in the Didache) and their

      The Origin of the Prayer (from Jesus? From John the Baptist?)

      The Unity of the Prayer (the thesis of Goulder)

      How Original is the Prayer/ The Context of the Prayer (its formal and
      thematic relationship to Second Temple Jewish Prayers)

      The Horizon of the Prayer (the question of the Lord's Prayer as an
      Eschatological Prayer)

      The Meaning of the Petitions

      The Function of the Prayer in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

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