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4637Re: [Synoptic-L] Variant in Lukan version of LP

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  • Jack Kilmon
    Dec 2, 2012
      Matthew, who was not competent in Hebrew or Aramaic, first used a Greek
      translation of an Aramaic source and "tweaked" it a bit to expand/explain
      certain petitions. Luke used an Aramaic document which he translated
      himself, also looked at Matthew and created a shorter version (as was the
      original from Jesus' lips), but also tweaked a bit to explain Aramaic idiom
      in one petition. However we try to disentangle the Matthean and Lukan LP to
      find a form critical version, if one does not appeal to the Aramaic that
      left the lips of Jesus in the first place, one is paddling without an oar. I
      give no credence to a mid second century dualist/docetist. Of course,
      Marcion is the darling of the Jesus mythists.

      Jack Kilmon
      Houston, TX

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      From: David Inglis
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      The same argument would suggest that Marcion’s (shorter) version of the LP
      pre-dates the one in Lk, and if we had just Marcion’s gospel text (and not
      the pleadings of Tertullian and Epiphanius regarding his supposed motives)
      then I feel sure that is how it would be regarded. Anyway, I have written a
      fair amount on the variants in the LP here

      David Inglis, Lafayette, CA, 94549, USA

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      You and I have access to the same data. And I'm sure you're aware that a
      standard interpretation of data like this is that it is more likely that Mt
      added a favorite word to Lk than Lk omitted the phrase. I can add nothing
      new to the standard argument (which I find persuasive in this case).


      Rev. Chuck Jones
      Atlanta, Georgia

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