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4596Re: [Synoptic-L] earliest critical scholarly study of the LP

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  • David Mealand
    Oct 1, 2012
      If one compares Wetstein with the earlier work by Matthew Poole,
      Synopsis criticorum ...commentatorum (1694) on Matthew 6.9-10
      the earlier work does cite Berakot fol 40.2 to the effect that prayer
      which does not mention the kingdom is not prayer,
      but apart from that it mainly focuses on the meaning of the words
      in related biblical passages and in a theological setting. The difference
      is that Wetstein is evidently much more aware of the need for historical
      contextualization. The works Poole is using are learned and detailed,
      but in the passage used for comparison they lack this historical element.
      Wetstein is more aware of the context in Judaism of the Graeco-Roman period.

      In the course of locating the web page for the work I inadvertently
      clicked something which sent a repeat of an email from earlier
      this year, for which I apologise.

      David M.

      David Mealand, University of Edinburgh

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