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4476it gives light to all in the house (Mt 5:15)

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  • Ronald Price
    Sep 6, 2012
      Both the 'Critical Edition of Q' and Fleddermann adopt this clause for
      reconstructing Q rather than the corresponding clause in Lk 11:33. In its
      original Jewish context, "the house" in the aphorism behind Mt 5:15 // Lk
      11:33 would have had a second meaning: a metaphor for the house of Israel
      (c.f. T.W.Manson, q. in Davies & Allison, Matthew, I, p.478). It appears
      that the aspirations of the historical Jesus were restricted to the house of

      This is confirmed explicitly in Mt 10:5b & 23b. Compare also the references
      to gentiles as aliens in Mt 5:47; Mt 6:7; Mk 10:42; Mt 6:32. Clear synoptic
      indications to the contrary such as Mt 28:19-20 originated several decades
      later than these aphorisms, and at a time when gentiles had become the prime
      target of the missionary activity of the Jesus movement.

      Ron Price,

      Derbyshire, UK


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