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4155RE: The Gentile mission? RE: [Synoptic-L] Luke's Great Omission

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  • Matson, Mark (Academic)
    May 19, 2012
      David Mealand wrote:

      Not too sure about some of the points made
      in this exchange

      Isn't Mark's second feeding set in the Decapolis?
      (i.e. mainly Gentile territory containing Greek cities,
      and pro-Roman in outlook, separated off from Hasmonean
      domains by Pompey, and again later by Augustus after
      Herod's death).

      Mark: Yes, possibly. Mark certainly has Jesus going to Gentile area. And if the feeding of 4000 is logically following the geographical itinerary preceding (i.e. Mark 7:31-37) which goes through region of Decapolis, yes. But then Mark is not always careful. But this is very likely. And hence a good reason for Luke to exclude.

      Wasn't the main charge laid against Samaritans
      one of ethnicity, that their ancestors had
      inter-married with non-Israelites - they didn't
      originally belong to Judah, and orthodoxy and heresy
      are alien categories imported from the world of
      the interpreter.

      Mark: I am not as sure of the idea of considering Samaritans as "gentiles". That was certainly one aspect maintained by Judeans. But for instance if we follow the internal logic of, say, John 4 -- there is the idea of "cousins" more than outsiders. Jesus maintains that Judeans are the proper form of Yahweh religion (not Gerizim), and yet the tone is of insiders. Similarly in the logical expansion of Acts, Phillips evangelization in Samaria is not the same as Peter's later "full-blown" engagement with Cornelius (now full engagement with Gentiles).

      Mark A. Matson
      Milligan College
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