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399Inductive argument and Baysian statistics

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  • Gentile, David
    Mar 3 8:43 AM
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      It has come to my attention that the form of my recent argument may be
      completely foreign to those trained in biblical studies. (As some terms
      used by biblical scholars still are to me)

      I know biblical students learn inductive argument, but I am now guessing
      that Bayesian analysis, or a connection between inductive logic and
      probability is not (generally) part of the curriculum.

      Am I correct in this?

      Bayesian probability is about subjective mental probability assessments
      (or better yet the justified certainty a robot or computer correctly
      programmed could have about a given truth claim).

      Without that background, my recent argument may have been completely

      My recent salt argument runs like this -

      Produce an inductive argument for a pattern in Mark. Show that my
      reading of salt would strengthen that inductive argument.

      Form a new completely separate inductive argument for a different
      pattern in Mark, again show that my reading of salt would strengthen
      that inductive argument.

      Repeat as often as possible.

      Each time my reading fits and strengthens one of those inductive
      arguments, (better than a competing reading), our justified assessment
      of the probable truth of the reading must increase.

      This is a Bayesian probability argument.

      Does this information help anyone understand what I was trying to say?

      Thank you,

      Dave Gentile

      Riverside, IL


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