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3628Re: [Synoptic-L] The beginning of Q

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  • jgibson000@comcast.net
    Aug 1 7:41 AM
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      On 8/1/2011 6:20 AM, E Bruce Brooks wrote:
      > But my own guess is that Matthew is here going in a
      > different direction from that implied in Mark (in Mark, the temptation looks
      > like a period of spiritual austerity;
      Could you please articulate what you mean by "spiritual austerity"?

      > notice how Jesus prays during the rest
      > of Mark),

      He does? How does this compare with Luke' portrayal of Jesus? And
      where is prayer mentioned in Mk 1:12-13?

      Have you noticed the links between the Gethsemane scene in Mark and his
      "testing" (NOT temptation) story? Would you call the Gethsemane scene
      a period of "spiritual austerity" (what ever this phrase means). It it
      not not presented as a struggle on Jesus' part to remain obedient to
      both a mission and that mission's constraints?


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