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3446RE: [Synoptic-L] A modified 3SH theory

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  • E Bruce Brooks
    Jul 1 11:06 AM
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      To: Synoptic / GPG, On: Synoptic Theory. David Inglis had laid out a
      Synoptic theory in several numbered propositions. I commented on the first
      of them a moment ago. Of the third, Mark Matson has meanwhile observed, "
      Wouldn't any Lukan material that is common to Matthew be able to be
      explained by using Matthew?" BRUCE: That, if memory serves, has been tried
      and found wanting; the directionality between Mt and Lk cannot plausibly be
      shown to run in only one direction. To follow up my note just posted, I will
      in days to come also be running through the Mt/Lk common material, piece by
      piece, to determine its directionality, and see what sort of Luke A and what
      sort of Matthew those results lead to. Preliminary indications seem to me
      favorable (Luke in particular is much more self-consistent in Luke A than he
      has seemed to be, to previous commentators, in Luke A/B taken together). Of
      course there are no guarantees about the future; we shall see. But I repeat
      my earlier offer: If anyone here present happens to be interested in these
      details (in addition to those already posted on Synoptic, from 2006 to the
      current season, inclusive), and would like to see and respond to some of
      those suggestions, they are welcome to write me off-list to be included in
      the discussion. Best wishes of the weekend to everyone, / E Bruce Brooks,
      UMass Amherst
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