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3445RE: [Synoptic-L] A modified 3SH theory

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  • E Bruce Brooks
    Jul 1, 2011
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      To: Synoptic / GPG, On: Synoptic Theories. David Inglis, commenting on Ron
      Price's theory and presenting his own, began this way: " The general order
      of the form of the gospels as we see them is Mk -> Mt -> Lk." BRUCE: There,
      it seems to me, is the problem, right there at the beginning. The statement
      seems unarguable as it stands, but the Gospels *as we see them* appear to be
      the end product of an evolution, and it is just possible that Synoptic
      relations are better stated in terms of the earlier stages of that
      evolution, which chiefly amounts to the difference between what I call Luke
      A and Luke B. Associated with the jump from Luke A to Luke B, which is when
      Luke revisited his composition in the light of Matthew, are a set of
      relocations of material previously placed in Markan order. I will shortly
      begin a review of those relocated passages, which will go to the small study
      group (the details are too large for a paragraph, and seemingly the Synoptic
      server can comfortably handle nothing above a paragraph). But if someone
      here present is interested in such things, I can arrange to share with them
      individually. Write me offlist. / E Bruce Brooks, UMass Amherst
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