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31Re: [Synoptic-L] Point of clarification concerning Abba

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  • John Lupia
    Jul 9, 2005
      --- Richard Richmond <rickr2889@...> wrote:

      > I did not mean to say that Abba was a Greek word but
      > that the concept of God as intimate friend had is
      > basis in the writing of Homer and not in Hebrew
      > tradition.

      When you claim the "concept of God as intimate friend"
      is based in Homer (which you never support with
      evidence) equating the concept to Jesus' use in MK
      then you must mean that the Homeric concept of God is
      monotheistic and the relationship is far more intimate
      than "friend" but as one's daddy. Where in Homer do we
      find a monotheistic concept of God and anyone
      portrayed as speaking to this monotheistic God as
      their daddy?

      RICK: "It is a Greek thought not Jewish."

      So you are saying that monotheism is Homeric era Greek
      existing in Homeric texts (which are not cited)
      predating any Jewish concept. This further implies
      that the Jews borrowed this idea from the Homeric
      Greeks and you have evidence and proof of this claim.
      It further implies that MK knew of this and is too
      borrowing from Homer (yet uncited) since Paul before
      MK had already done so.

      Well, where's the evidence?


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