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254Re: [Synoptic-L] A new forum for synoptic directionality indicators

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  • E Bruce Brooks
    Sep 26 9:26 PM
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      To: Synoptic
      In Response To: David Inglis
      On: Growth Texts and Bidirectionality
      From: Bruce

      I can only thank David for his generous appreciation of the possible value
      of the growth text scenario for some rather recalcitrant NT problems. I
      certainly don't offer it as a priori helpful in all cases, but the cases in
      which it does prove to be helpful may at least reduce the number of things
      for which other tools need to be found, and better define the nature of
      those tools.

      He further suggested:

      DAVID: It we could assemble a table of all the directionality indicators,
      then we might be able to determine things like: "Within these two sections
      only, 80% of the indicators suggest Gospel
      A -> Gospel B". These kind of thinking is not novel (indeed, Bruce indicates
      later in the post quoted above that he has performed this kind of task for
      Chinese stories), but I don't recall having seen it done for the Synoptics.

      So, could I ask someone on this list to take up the task, or at least
      initially act as some kind of 'moderator' for a forum in which these
      indicators can be collected? Perhaps Mark Goodacre or Stephen Carlson could
      at least start the ball rolling?

      BRUCE: I certainly think it would be useful if some such systematic effort
      were made, and occasionally reported to the larger field. As might have been
      expected, I have such a list in progress myself, in a small way. The
      resources of that effort include (1) a small E-forum in which
      directionalities can be debated before being listed, and (2) a web site with
      a Graeca section in which the results could be posted and from time to time
      updated, for general availability. The idea is not to duplicate the Jesus
      Seminar, with all its pink and gray methodological shortcomings, but to
      bring a fairly cold philological eye (or so) to bear on these cases of
      relationship. My previous (if now interrupted) consideration of the Ed
      Sanders Markan Nonpriority list (a thing Ed tells me has never been done
      either) was another aspect of that several-pronged approach. The effort is
      presently understaffed. If anyone on this list would care to offer their
      help, I would be glad to hear from them privately. (We could especially use
      someone with competence in Aramaic, and in the Johannine literature, not to
      mention a shrewd Paulinist. The exam for the last position includes a
      statement of opinion about 2 Thessalonians).

      As it happens, I will be lecturing during November at several places in the
      US on the general possibility of a methodological contribution from
      Sinological practice to some outstanding NT problems, focusing in particular
      on the question of Markan interpolations, but with some other Synoptic
      suggestions also. I had it in mind to be alert on those occasions for
      possible recruits to the systematic project just mentioned. But there is
      perhaps no harm in making that possibility known on this occasion also.


      E Bruce Brooks
      Warring States Project
      University of Massachusetts at Amherst