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2524Re: [Synoptic-L] A new problem with the Farrer Theory?

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  • Ron Price
    Mar 3, 2010
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      Leonard Maluf wrote:

      > "Matthew's habit of abbreviating healing stories" can just as easily
      > be interpreted as Mark's habit of expanding healing stories.


      Thanks for pointing this out.

      I need to be a little more careful in interpreting the comments in Davies &
      Allison, so let me rephrase what I think is their argument relating to
      Mark/Matthew directionality.

      They have studied the whole of Matthew in great detail. They have observed
      many significant directional pointers (and the clues as to which they think
      are significant can be found in the wording of the comments). In other
      places where the clues are not so significant, they are often content to
      show that the differences are *compatible* with the directionality indicated
      by the significant pointers. This appears to be the case here in regard to
      the posited abbreviation of a healing story and the posited increased focus
      of attention on Jesus. The direction Mark --> Matthew is plausible in Mt
      8:14-15, and therefore the evidence from these particular verses is
      consistent with the *probable* conclusion they reach from evidence

      Ron Price

      Derbyshire, UK

      Web site: http://homepage.virgin.net/ron.price/index.htm
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