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2458Re: [Synoptic-L] Paul's change of mind

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  • David Mealand
    Feb 7, 2010
      Bruce writes that none of the books
      in his library answer the question
      why did Paul change?

      My memory is that some books do at least
      have a go at this. I called in G----- books
      to help out my memory, and duly found a more
      recent item by Theissen referring to the earlier
      work I remembered. (key: Paul & vision in
      author Theissen). A very brief annotated
      result follows:

      A theory of primitive Christian religion? - Page 334
      Gerd Theissen - 2003 - 393 pages
      (also cites an earlier work of 1987 by Theissen on psychological
      aspects of Pauline theology)
      The subjective vision theory has been renewed most recently by Gerd
      .... (Theissen then engages with this...)
      Then he discusses whether Paul's vision has any relation to a prior
      unconscious conflict with the law....

      My own view would be that we do need to ask
      why Paul was hostile, before asking why he changed.
      That might then not be so distant from
      the problems of some of those Synoptic passages
      indicating mutual antipathy between Synoptists
      and "scribes".

      David M.

      Bruce wrote
      I have found out something. It is possible
      to go to your library, take
      off the shelves everything with "Paul"
      in the title, pile them by a
      chair, and read through them, say 3000
      or 4000 pages, without getting
      the answer to the first question
      a child is likely to ask about Paul,
      or even having that question come
      up at all. That question is:

      Why did he change?

      David Mealand, University of Edinburgh

      The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in
      Scotland, with registration number SC005336.
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