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1510Re: [Synoptic-L] On The Earliest Markan Narrative

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  • Dennis Dean Carpenter
    Jan 17, 2009
      Bruce stated: "I think a more mixed view is a better description of the whole. As
      von Soden long ago pointed out, large tracts of Mark are extremely sunny.
      They have Jesus preaching openly to large and enthusiastic crowds, Jesus
      healing many, Jesus commanding the forces of nature, everything going well.
      Nowhere in this material does Jesus curse his disciples, or intentionally
      hide his message from his hearers. Then, as von Soden also pointed out, you
      also have the other and gloomier part, the secretive Jesus, the abusive
      Jesus, the impatient Jesus. The problem of Mark, as von Soden thus expressed
      it, is to explain what these two types of material are doing in there
      together. The tension demands some sort of resolution in the reader's or
      hearer's mind. Wrede made a good beginning. More recently, I have suggested
      how I see this demand being met, in each successive layer, and most
      successfully (as above noted) in Layer 3 and subsequent."

      Dennis replies: That is an interesting way to look at it. Wouldn't another way of stating that be, "Why would a human being have different emotions at different times?" Whether 'tis the author of Mark or the character of Jesus, I find not "problem of Mark" that requires an interpolation explanation, especially if the hero of the story is caught between (supernatural) destiny and fate. Looking for a perfectly consistent Jesus within the gospels is one of the major flaws I have seen in modern scholarship that I have read. Humans aren't consistent in their emotions and neither are characters, even heroes of stories nor their authors.

      Anyway, it sounds like a faxcinating way to look at that gospel. Can't wait to read the findings.

      Dennis Dean Carpenter
      Dahlonega, Ga.

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