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1505Re: [Synoptic-L] On The Earliest Markan Narrative

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  • Dennis Dean Carpenter
    Jan 17, 2009
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      "So far for today. The end suggestion is that Mark began as a homiletic apologia, around the year 31, with continuous adjustments and enrichments over the next decade, and also came to exist as a circulating document precisely in the year 40, with some unmistakable predictions after the event being added in the next few years."

      Ted Weeden Sr. has proposed twenty-four parallels between the portrayal of Jesus of Ananias, found in Josephus' War of the Jews, as well as common symmetry in the order of the motifs. This wouls suggest that portions of the Passion story were influenced by Josephus, placing a date of closer to 80 for this tale.

      If one goes to the prophecy in chapter 13, it tells the story Josephus did about the demolishion of the temple, the destruction in Jerusalem and the diaspora that happened during and as the Romans were returning from the first Roman Jewish war.

      As a whole, the book seems very well structured in a chiastic fashion. Within the chiastic structure of the whole, one finds smaller (chiastic) units. The book as a whole also seems to be a long parable about how, though the messiah was rejected and Israel destroyed because of it, "God is salvation" and will return.

      When I enter into the first century world of Mark, I wander into a shell shocked city, possibly Caesara Philippi, after the Romans have practiced a scorched earth policy on Palestine and diapsoran populations on the "way" back. When I enter the world of Mark, free from the name "Mark" and the second, third century traditions associated, I see diasporan Jews cying "Why?" I see the Gospel of Mark as an attempt to understand this. I have no compelling reason to view any of this, other than a few locations and a few names (Pilate, Herod, etc.) as historical.

      Dennis Dean Carpenter
      Dahlonega, Ga.

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