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1478Request for prepublication review

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  • Ruth Les
    Nov 27, 2008
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      I have written a ms. titled /Verbal Coordination in the Gospels: An
      Explication of a Residual Aramaic Syntatical Construction /and would
      like a prepublication review.

      My thesis is that underlying certain rough expressions in the Greek text
      of the Gospels there is an Aramaic construction, referred to by Gesenius
      as verbal coordination in Hebrew. I examine various documents in
      Aramaic from the MT text of Daniel through the DSS to the targums and
      the Old Syriac Gospels and find the same construction in Aramaic,
      whereby two verbs in a close syntactical construction function with the
      first verb acting as an adverb of manner to the second verb. After
      investigating the LXX's translation of this construction of the Hebrew
      and Aramaic, I examine various verses from the Gospels and demonstrate
      this construction explains the poor Greek in certain texts and draw
      conclusions for the translations of the text and the impact on the study
      of the life and sayings of Jesus.

      I would post a copy of the ms. to anyone willing to read it with an eye
      toward writing a review, should it be found acceptable.

      C. Leslie Reiter
      2 Liberty Street
      Onancock, VA 23417 USA
      SBL #R00049

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