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1323Re: [Synoptic-L] A Reconstruction of the Pre-Markan PassionNarrative

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  • Ron Price
    Aug 11, 2008
      Bruce Brooks wrote:

      > I can't at this moment find exactly the page I want, in the back of
      > the book, but this will do, from p532, sv Passion narrative:
      > "The assertion that the Romans were innocent of Jesus' death and the Jews
      > responsible is pure Christian propaganda, in the judgment of the Seminar.
      > The conspiracy against Jesus and the role of Judas, as well as Judas
      > himself, are probably fictions. The story of Peter's denial is a fiction.
      > The two trials are fictions; Luke has added a third trial before Herod,
      > which is also a fiction. The mocking may be a fiction. Simon of Cyrene is a
      > fiction. The burial of Jesus is a fiction carried out by a fictional
      > character, Joseph of Arimathea."
      > That is pure PC.


      Whether or not it is 'politically correct' is irrelevant unless you are
      accusing the JSem of reaching these conclusions via historically irrational

      > I realize how much post-Holocaust liberal guilt is running
      > around out there, but this complete denial of what is deeply woven into the
      > Gospel accounts seems to be ill-judged philologically,

      What the JSem are saying is that Mark's account is largely the author's
      imaginative elaboration of a small historical core. This is a well-known
      technique which probably goes back at least as far as Homer.

      > ..... and to have instead a basis in contemporary emotion. I think it has
      > no place in scholarly discourse.

      Surely what has no place in scholarly discourse is discussion of another
      scholar's motive.

      I happen to agree with these particular conclusions in the above paragraph
      quoted from "The Acts of Jesus", and my agreement is based on rational
      historical arguments arrived at independently of the JSem. I have no axe to
      grind. I am merely curious about what actually happened.

      > AYC, in her stratification of the Markan Passion Narrative, .......

      Response forthcoming when I've found out exactly what this stratification

      Ron Price

      Derbyshire, UK

      Web site: http://homepage.virgin.net/ron.price/index.htm
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