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[Excavating-Q] From "Formation" to "Excavating"

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  • Mark Goodacre
    I d like to use chair s privilege of asking the first question in this on-line seminar, if I may. But before that I d like to thank Professor Kloppenborg
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2000
      I'd like to use chair's privilege of asking the first question in
      this on-line seminar, if I may. But before that I'd like to
      thank Professor Kloppenborg Verbin on behalf of all the
      subscribers to this on-line seminar for agreeing to participate
      in it. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say that we feel
      very privileged to be able to part and we'd like to thank you
      very much for your time and thought.

      While I am writing, I would also like to encourage the
      subscribers to this seminar to send their emails in to Synoptic-
      S@.... Don't wait for everyone else to do it first -- it
      will soon be too late. If you have any questions about this on-
      line seminar, please address them to Synoptic-S-

      My question is a general one. To what extent has your
      thinking on Q changed or developed between the publication of
      _Formation of Q_ in 1987 and the publication of _Excavating
      Q_ this year? While there are clear differences in content,
      strategy, aim and intended audience between the two books,
      are there any substantial areas where you have actually
      changed your views?

      I wonder if I might link this to a brief related question
      connected with stratigraphy. You engage, especially in the
      footnotes, with scholars like Richard Horsley, John J. Collins
      and Howard Clark Kee who you feel have misunderstood and /
      or misrepresented your stratigraphical approach to Q. I felt
      that there was perhaps less engagement with more recent
      critiques like those of Christopher Tuckett, Dale Allison and
      especially Alan Kirk (though all are of course mentioned). I
      wonder whether the critiques of any of those three have given
      you pause for thought?

      With thanks
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