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20[Excavating-Q] Luke's ordering of the Q material

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  • Ken Olson
    Nov 2, 2000
      Dr. Kloppenborg Verbin,

      My next question is about Luke's ordering of the Q material.
      In _Excavating Q_ you state that those cases where we can
      establish Luke's ordering of Q as more original include "those
      pericopae that Matthew conflated with a Markan passage" (p.
      89) and you provide several examples. Further, you argue that
      "we are _certain_ that Matthew's location of the text does not
      represent Q, since these pericopae are made to function in a
      _Markan_ context, i.e., in a context that they could not have
      had in Q. All but two (Q 6:39 and 6:40) are found in the Lukan
      Travel Narrative (Luke 9:51-18:14), whose organization is
      rather loose and has in fact defied attempts to specify an
      overarching structuring principle" (p. 90).

      I note in at least five of theses cases (Q 12:10/Mk. 3:28-30; Q
      12:11-12/Mk. 13:11; Q 13:18-19/Mk. 4.30-32; Q 13:30/Mk.
      10.31; Q 17:1-2/Mk. 9:42) Luke has omitted or re-written the
      Markan version in its Markan context so that he could use the
      Q version in its Q context instead.

      My questions is: why would Luke do this? By omitting the
      doublets in Mark, Luke shows that he knows what the Markan
      contexts of these pericopae are. Why did he not conflate the
      Q version with the Markan version as Matthew did? Why did
      he choose to place these pericopae in the Travel Narrative?
      Your argument suggests that Luke would not have found Q's
      context more appropriate than Mark's; yet he prefers it. Was
      it simply easier, as a matter of composition, to keep his
      sources separate and to leave the version he preferred in the
      context he found it, rather than to try to harmonize his

      Thank you again for your time,


      Kenneth A. Olson
      Graduate Teaching Assistant
      Department of History
      2115 Francis Scott Key Hall
      University of Maryland
      College Park, MD 20742 20

      I am too much of a skeptic to deny the possibility of anything -
      T.H. Huxley

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