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11[Excavating-Q] Minor Agreements

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  • Matti Myllykoski
    Oct 30, 2000
      Hello John,

      greetings from Finland. I find it great that you and Mark
      Goodacre have organized an event like this. Thank you! I just
      joined in and have not even seen your newest book yet. Just a
      simple question that you might have answered thoroughly in
      your book or elsewhere, but which might be stimulating for
      this forum at the moment: what is your opinion about the
      minor agreements? Which explanations do you (mostly) prefer
      - independent MtLk redaction, textual criticism (2nd century
      alterations), proto-Mark, deutero-Mark, or Luke's subsidiary
      use of Matthew?


      Matti Myllykoski

      This is the _Excavating Q_ Seminar (Oct. 23 -- Nov. 10 2000).
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