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Re: Gas Tank Thermal Insulation

Hi Markus, When I did mine, I just picked some thermal blanket material from the Summit Racing catalog that seemed like I could work with. It's the sort of
10:31 AM

Fuel filler neck needed

Looks like my metal fuel filler neck is just about rusted out. If anyone has a spare one in decent shape they wouldn't mind parting with, please drop me a
6:04 AM

Re: Fw: new message

Does Yahoo not give us any better spam control?
Nov 24

Fw: new message

Hello! New message, please read sune@...
Nov 22

Re: On going idling issue

... I’ve only heard of this problem about 5-6 times, where the problem turned out to be what Sean says. Don’t “test” it when the engine is cold. Drive
Bob Stevens
Nov 19

Re: On going idling issue

My similar problem was fixed by swapping the ICU out with another used one. Tricky problem to fix I agree... And frustrating until I finally changed the ICU.
Nov 19

Re: On going idling issue

Throttle cable too tight at TB ? Loosen 2-4 mm ? Easy test, costs nothing. Culprit of my erratic idle for years. Sean G From: "cppoillon@... [Syncro]"
Sean Garrett
Nov 19

On going idling issue

Will kick down Idles fine then accelerates. to 2k - 2.5k Thoguhts? Swapped ECU already checked MAF. ICU (cigarette Box? ICV? Best way to diagnose? TIA Neil
Nov 19

Re: Syncro engine carrier missing

PMail me to buy mine. I use the RMW engine carrier now. First name AT last name DOT io On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 5:20 PM, korkwood@... [Syncro]
Luke Bakken
Nov 18

Re: Tranny Coolers

It's hard to improve on the manual switch, Leon. I want my oil pumping at the bottom of the hill, not half-way up. We need to make a sensor that reads 4th
Nov 18

Re: Tire Chains

I would think that if you are in enough snow to require chains, then there is no reason to worry about the rotational difference. I run with Nokian Winter
Curt Long
Nov 18

Re: Syncro engine carrier missing

Kennedy says ~60mm. Should be no problem adding the spacers, I imagine 1"x2" tubing would work OK.
Nov 17

Re: Tranny Coolers

Matt/AATransaxle and Weddle have thermo switches that tap into the bottom/side of the case. I use a manual switch. I have two different models of IR
Bob Stevens
Nov 17

Re: Tranny Coolers

I know i am very late to this topic but if anyone listening: Cooler itself is the least important part according to my own experience Temps never go very high
Nov 17

Syncro engine carrier missing

Just realized i am missing very important part- engine carrier(syncro of course) Not sure i will ever find one, perhaps i can weld spacers to 2wd carrier?
Nov 17
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