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Re: Front LCA Rust Buy the Burley Motorsports replacements or try to source some from someone who has bought Barley LCAs. Burley may have good stock arms around his shop. Or you
6:27 AM
Re: drive shaft angles ... Yes, agreed. I should have emphasized that I got rid of most of my vibes by replacing axles. One CV (front, outer) was so stiff you could barely flex it
Richard A Jones
Apr 14
Front LCA Rust Could use some advice on how to handle this. Partial rust out on the right side LCA. Left side still looks good and other than the rusted area no other weak
Steve Hord
Apr 14
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Syncro Safari, Mojave Road '14 - Complete! Syncronauts, Well, we've completed another Syncro Safari adventure! Starting with nine Syncros and finishing with seven, here's some of what our group of
Apr 13
Michelin Defender tires for sale Hello Everyone, I have for sale 4 Michelin Defender tires, Size 215/65R15, in excellent condition with only 3,200 miles on them. Purchased in April 2013.
Andre Fiedler
Apr 13
Re: drive shaft angles I am not aware of KEP mount for Syncro, there were some made few years ago and i tried it but it didn't work for me, removed it because it had no provision for
Leon Korkin
Apr 13
Re: drive shaft angles I also got rid of a vibration by replacing the front axles I think this is often overlooked
Christian Pelletier
Apr 13
Re: drive shaft angles Thanks, Richard I put as many washers on the front of the front diff as would fit, that brought the angles close to the same as the transaxle. Now I have
Lynn Fischer
Apr 13
Re: drive shaft angles I had a lot of trouble with vibrations back in '08. In the end, new axles took care of most of it; I had at least one CV that was very tight to move by hand.
Richard Jones
Apr 12
Re: drive shaft angles Thanks Leon, I have all new rubber mounts. I think SC sent me the wrong mount, one puts the engine about an inch higher than the other. With the Kennedy mount
Lynn Fischer
Apr 11
Re: drive shaft angles There are several reasons for vibes. Worn out mounts cause vibes even if they still look good, rubber gets hard and doesn't do the job. Same with engine
Leon Korkin
Apr 11
RV Repair Does anyone know of a good RV repair shop in Western Washington to repair their Westfalia Dometic RM182B refrigerator? I live in Gig Harbor.
Apr 11
Re: drive shaft angles On Apr 11, 2014, at 12:33 PM, Lynn Fischer wrote: I have about 1.5 inches down from the front end, and about 4.5 inches when measured from
Robert Stevens
Apr 11
Re: [subaruvanagon] drive shaft angles Thanks Sean, I also tried loosening the front diff, made no difference. Lynn On Friday, April 11, 2014 12:50 PM, Sean Garrett wrote:
Lynn Fischer
Apr 11
Re: [subaruvanagon] drive shaft angles My 2000 2.5 has a SC mount fitted from 2004 vintage roughly. I have a small amount of vibration when I have my 3rd party driveshaft (local built in Phoenix)
Sean Garrett
Apr 11
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drive shaft angles I have a 1987 vanagon syncro with a 2003 2.5 motor, It has the Small Car bell housing and rear motor mount. Every since I installed the motor mount I have had
Lynn Fischer
Apr 11
Re: Anyone Running Achilles LTR 80 185/ R14C I don't do any real Muddin outside of some car camping action. I primarily Syncro for snowboarding and leave that in the capable hands of my Winter Comtracs.
Apr 10
Re: VC Replacement Question Hi, I put sealant on the case surfaces, but left the bolts dry. Some pics of what I did here
Alistair Bell
Apr 9
Re: VC Replacement Question Hi All, I'm about to replace my VC and have 2 questions: 1) Do I need to use a RTV sealant on the case sections when I re-install?
Dave Mari
Apr 9
Re: Anyone running Hankook Dynapro MT 215/75R15? They are the 215/75R15 tires on Mefro rims.
Apr 9
Re: Anyone Running Achilles LTR 80 185/ R14C Hankook RA08 in 195R14 size worked very well on my '84 Westy. They Are excellent in the rain. I don't think I'd use them on a Syncro due to poor off road
Chris S
Apr 9
Anyone Running Achilles LTR 80 185/ R14C Since we are all shoppin tires here just curious as to how these might be ? Achilles LTR 80 185/ R14C Also looking at the : NEXEN SV-820 Hankook RA08 Mostly
Apr 9
Re: Anyone running Hankook Dynapro MT 215/75R15? thanks Jeff - this is what I was looking for.  are those 15" or 16"? On Tuesday, April 8, 2014 1:44 PM, Jeffrey Schwaia wrote:   I have
Christian Pelletier
Apr 8
Re: Anyone running Hankook Dynapro MT 215/75R15? I have the Hankooks on my Single Cab Syncro.   They fit quite well.  No rubbing.  A little loud on the highway.  I will know more about performance after
Jeffrey Schwaia
Apr 8
Good morning Syncro! http://obuv-ts.ru/media/however.php?zuscb1423dpppaqjoernest@...:::::::::::::::::::Tue, 8 Apr 2014 19:14:29
Joseph Ernest
Apr 8
Re: Rebuilt engine I haven't seen mention of Chris Corkin's (tencentlife) engines. I'd sure go with him if I needed a rebuilt waterboxer! It looks like you'd have to wait until
Richard A Jones
Apr 8
Re: Anyone running Hankook Dynapro MT 215/75R15? ... Leon: My tire guy here in Boulder shaves tires for Subarus--and also race tires since he supports the local racing crowd. I haven't had to shave a tire,
Richard A Jones
Apr 8
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Re: Anyone running Hankook Dynapro MT 215/75R15? Found a place localy that will shave tire. I rotate 4 tires, never had flat on trails except from side cut inflicted by sharp edge on fender Shaved bunch more
Leon Korkin
Apr 8
jeb http://keerthiroyalpalms.connect-ventures.com/ikzjg/tnpznqcducvt.ntqmrzuzocltdjqjithxzacv
Apr 8
Re: Anyone running Hankook Dynapro MT 215/75R15? On Apr 7, 2014, at 1:54 PM, Leon Korkin wrote: I cut my General Grabber tire(sidewall) at the end of long canyon in DV and now facing
Robert Stevens
Apr 7
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