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20284Re: [SMS-Worldwide] Swifts into boxes straight away

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  • Dick Newell
    Jun 18, 2017
      Our most successful project has been St Mary's church in Ely.
      In the first year, 2007, 16 boxes were installed which were occupied by 2 pairs.
      The numbers have grown rapidly until last year, 2016, 96 boxes were occupied by 55 pairs
      We have never played attraction calls at this project.
      We believe we have acquired many displaced birds from renovations in the cathedral and other buildings in Ely
      A Sparrowhawk now attends this colony, so it has probably peaked.

      On 18 June 2017 at 16:02, Bbrian59@... [Swallows-Martins-Swifts-Worldwide] <Swallows-Martins-Swifts-Worldwide@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      When i first set up my colony i only had two boxes ,and as soon as i started playing calls the boxes were occupied,the next year i had five boxes and they were occupied (one of which was the instant entry) ,then the next year it jumped to 24 boxes occupied and breeding.I ran this by Erich Kaiser at that time and he thought they were displaced birds from another colony ,owing to the fact of the instant occupation.The next year it jumped to 34 pairs all breeding.Mark makes an interesting point re brood size as his colony is  about the same distance from Lough Neagh  as mine .I have at least thirty percent of boxes with three eggs and the rest with two.Yet Peter who lives in Belfast has never had three.
      Swifts which were geologged last year at Mark's colony fed over the Northern part of the lake and   made very few trips out of this area  8km diameter.Swifts logged at the southern end of the lake 30km away fed in the southern part in roughly the same diameter. Have just come back from Lough Neagh and Portmore reserve .Not a swift in sight ,beautiful day ,breeders constantly coming back to the house  with full bolas.Where are they feeding ?,well its the silage season ,and my guess they are over the Belfast hills feeding over heather and taking advantage of the silage cutting.
      The info from the loggers seemed to show they  were always over the lake ,however i have always said that to obtain an accurate result the loggers need to be left on the birds for the whole breeding season if they are only left on for a week or so it only gives you info re that week.However you can't be putting and taking off loggers every week or so.
        I think we can torture ourselves sometimes trying to look for explanations all i know is the place here  is coming down with bangers ,swifts going into the tower all the time ,house martins every where swallows in the garage ,weather we get so little off ,and i'm going to have a very large brandy later on this evening.

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