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20283Re: [SMS-Worldwide] egg number and incubation

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  • John Young
    Jun 18, 2017

      I have 14 pairs on camera as you know

      8 pairs have laid 3 eggs  (including one new pair for 2017)

      4 pairs have laid 2 eggs  

      Another pair have intentionally dumped two eggs from the nest, but are now brooding two eggs.  (A  new pair for 2017)

      One brand new pair formed on 2nd June have not produced any eggs despite roosting every night together in their box.

      So far, 22 eggs have hatched successfully.  Two eggs have been lost due to being accidentally knocked off the nest.  Ten eggs have yet to hatch.


      On 18 Jun 2017, at 12:50, 'mark smyth' mark@... [Swallows-Martins-Swifts-Worldwide] <Swallows-Martins-Swifts-Worldwide@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      A question from Peter Cush over here

      Most years my swifts lay 3 eggs but Peter’s swifts only lay 2 eggs. Is there a good reason for this? Peter lives 9km 5.6 miles from the east shore of Lough Neagh which is nothing for a swift. Droppings analysis I had carried out showed that city swifts do not eat what my swifts eat/bring to their chicks http://saveourswifts.co.uk/analysis.htm

      How many eggs do yours lay? Does anyone get 4 eggs?


      Incubation time

      Is it possible one of my chicks hatched quicker than normal? Is there any information on shortest and longest days to hatch?



      N Ireland

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