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  • Jesús Solana
    Jun 18, 2017
      Dear Evert:
      Thank you for the links of those alpine swifts webcams.

      About  the Alpine Swift Colony of the Alange reservoir dam, I must clarify that any disaster happened on it.
      This is a magnificient colony, maybe the biggest in Europe. With the help of 4 ornithologist I counted 705 birds last march 13 (there were more). I estimate that there are more than 300 pairs of apine swifts 
      Some members of this forum have been recently there and they can confirm the good "health" of this colony.

      Obviously you have confused it with the A-5 motorway bridge colony, near Mérida. In this case, all the nest of one board of this bridge have been destroyed before the swifts came from Africa. The rest of the colony in the other board remains again and it will be respected carefully thanks to the support of many members of this forum.

      Now,the authorities will apply compensatory works to recovering and even increasing this colony of over 300 birds. Otherwise, they will be very careful with other similar colonies in Extremadura.

      Kind regards


      2017-06-18 11:34 GMT+02:00 swiftsamsterdam@... [Swallows-Martins-Swifts-Worldwide] <Swallows-Martins-Swifts-Worldwide@yahoogroups.com>:

      After the disastrous news of the removing the sidewalk of the Alange dam in the Extremadura  with the amazing huge colony of over 150 pairs alpine swifts breeding under it (which I visited in its original state last year) , now some good news on the alpine swift in Sumiswald, east of Bern Switzerland

      Today, June 18 2017, the first alpine swift egg out of 3 hatched (Half the outside the was blown away by the wind) The young are fed for 60 ! days on the nest  So they'll fledge in the third week of August

      The nest entrance was made by drilling holes in sandstone of the church after the birds disappeard in 1985, now 3 pairs breed in the attic above a very loud churchbell (every quarter of an hour!) and more behind the dial plates of the towerclocks

      webcam   http://stream2.breitband.ch: 8080/alpensegler/

      This year  a second camera was installed looking at a nest behind the plate of the church tower of Sumiswald:   http://stream2.breitband.ch: 8080/alpensegler2/


      Evert Pellenkoft,  Amsterdam

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