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    Welcome to the Kitchen Project s H O U S E H O L D H I N T S ____________________________________ by Susan Doyle Your tip for July 1, 2003 CHEFS USE SECRET
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      Welcome to the Kitchen Project's
      H O U S E H O L D H I N T S
      by Susan Doyle

      Your tip for July 1, 2003


      Chili recipes contain a veritable battery of secret ingredients used
      by various Chefs. Small amounts are what keep these ingredients a
      secret. For added flavor try adding strong coffee, shaved or
      powdered chocolate, Coke, Chicken Bouillon cubes, anchovies or brown

      Try using molasses in your meat marinade for interesting flavor and a
      special crispness when grilling.

      Use Chipotles, roasted jalapeno chilies in almost anything. You can
      buy them canned in adobo sauce and puree them. Use them in small
      quantities i.e. marinades, Crab Cakes, Tomato Jam, Tomato sauce, and
      salad dressings

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