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SSD 2007-03-01: New Jersey Marriages 1848-67, GA TN ON ANS LND MO NM ...

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    Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books Search nearly 2.4 million names! Subscription Required. http://genealogysearch.org/ancestry/dar.html Surname
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books
      Search nearly 2.4 million names! Subscription Required.

      Surname Search Daily - March 1, 2007

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      .. Matlock manor and parish (Derbyshire)
      .. Early Kentucky Tax Records
      .. Vital records of Haverhill, Massachusetts to 1849
      5. Today's Featured Map - FREE
      .. Flintshire, Wales Historical Maps


      1. Today at FreeSurnameSearch.com

      * Featured Database:

      - Index to New Jersey Marriage Records, 1848-1867.
      This database indexes marriage returns filed with the
      Secretary of State for the period May 1848 through
      31 May 1867.

      * New Links :

      - Habersham County, Georgia 1820 Census

      - Grainger County, Tennessee : List of Insolvents Living
      Within the Indian Boundary for the Year 1797

      - Hastings Militia Return, 1834 (Hastings County,
      Ontario, Canada)

      - Liff & Benvie Register of Poor (1854-1865) and Dundee
      East Poorhouse Register (1856-1878), Angus, Scotland

      - Medieval Merchants in London. Names indexed from The
      Merchant Class of Medieval London by Sylvia L Thrupp, 1948.

      - Missouri Lynchings 1836-1981
      - Additional Missouri Lynchings 1836-1981

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      2. New at ABCgenealogy.com

      * Ancestry of Faye Dunaway - Faye Dunaway was born to
      John, an army officer, and Grace Dunaway on January 14,
      1941 in Bascom, Florida. She was studying to become a
      teacher before she made the switch to acting and made her
      Broadway debut just three weeks after graduating from
      Boston University. Faye earned her first Academy Award
      nomination in 1967 for Bonnie and Clyde and was named
      Best Actress in 1976 for Network. In an impressive career
      that has included more than 30 projects Faye has played
      opposite such Hollywood notables as Jack Nicholson,
      Robert Redford, and Dustin Hoffman.

      * Laos GenWeb

      * Manchester, England Genealogy Forum

      * New Mexico American History & Genealogy Project

      * CHASE Marriages in Massachusetts 1841-1850 - Work in progress.

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      3. In the News

      * DNA tests tell Florida Atlantic University students
      where they can find origins
      Most of the 13 students identified themselves as white
      Europeans. The DNA results surprised almost everyone.
      - Bradenton Herald (FL), February 13, 2007.

      * Kirtas Technologies gets contract to scan genealogy records
      Victor's Kirtas Technologies Inc., a maker of high-speed
      document scanners, has signed a deal with The Generations
      Network to scan more than 75 million historical records.
      - Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (NY), February 13, 2007.

      * Gather information while you can
      If you are lucky enough to still have living parents,
      aunts, uncles and grandparents, sit down with them and
      ask them to tell you their family stories, and record
      their recollections.
      - Marshfield Mariner (MA), February 13, 2007.

      * Maryland Company Surpasses Milestone in Historical Newspaper
      Maryland company tops two million mark in newspaper
      digitization project creating the first digital images
      of history-rich small town newspapers. Company now aims
      for phase two - 20 million pages which will be made
      online accessible and searchable.
      - Press Release (WA), February 14, 2007.

      * Chronicle of inspiration
      A new book celebrates the history of black achievement in
      Long Beach, California.
      - Press-Telegram (CA), February 14, 2007.

      * Medals claimed by rightful owners
      Orval Dulaney and Harley Dakin applied their genealogy
      research knowledge to claim Civil War-era medals.
      - Coshocton Tribune (OH), February 14, 2007.

      Read more... Go to:


      4. Featured Products at GenMarket.com

      * Matlock manor and parish (Derbyshire)
      (Book Online - Ancestry.co.uk) :
      Historical & descriptive, with pedigrees and arms, and
      map of the parish reduced from the ordnance survey.
      Includes pedigrees of the Nightingale, Leacroft, Wolley
      and Arkwright families. Searchable online edition of this
      book published in 1903. Includes bibliographical
      references and index. Requires payment.

      Go to:

      * Early Kentucky Tax Records from The Register of the
      Kentucky Historical Society
      (Book - Genealogical.com) :
      Among the many historic documents that were lost when the
      British burned the Capitol in Washington during the War
      of 1812 were the first two censuses of Kentucky, the
      earliest one compiled while Kentucky was still a part of
      Virginia. Owing to the destruction of these census
      records, genealogists doing research in Kentucky have
      been obliged to reconstruct the lost data from a number
      of related records, particularly tax records. Those
      printed here represent all the tax lists ever published
      in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society and
      are among the earliest Kentucky tax records in existence.

      Go to:

      * Vital records of Haverhill, Massachusetts to the end of
      the year 1849
      (Book Online - Ancestry.com) :
      Searchable online edition of this book in two volumes
      published by the Topsfield Historical Society, 1910-1911.
      This is one database among thousands available to
      Ancestry.com subscribers.

      Go to:

      * Auctions for Genealogists

      One-click search results by topic, state, ethnicity,
      most common surnames, and more...


      * New Ancestry.com databases (for Ancestry.com subscribers):

      - 1871 Scotland Census
      - 1891 Scotland Census
      - Genealogical diagram dedicatory to the lineal descendants of Adam
      - Sedgwick family tree
      - Sketches of New-Brunswick
      - Indiana Births, 1880-1920 - Updated
      - Indiana Historical Commission


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      * Flintshire, Wales Historical Maps

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