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Joe Casey - Previewing Last Defenders #6

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    By Matt Brady posted: 2008-08-13 07:06:00 ET (http://www.newsarama.com/common/email.php?guid=028fa53d1665c7bccb7c34f872666b5f) (javascript:show_print();)
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      By Matt Brady
      posted: 2008-08-13 07:06:00 ET


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      We’ve been keeping an eye on Marvel’s The Last Defenders series since its earliest announcement, and today, the six issue series reaches its final issue, and of course, we’ve got a few exclusive preview pages and some comments from writer Joe Casey.

      The pages are up top (use the arrow to move to them), and Casey’s comments? They’re right here...

      Page 19

      Casey says: “Lot of action in this issue (it is the big finish of the mini-series, after all), but I think the most important scenes are the "recruitment" scenes. Here we see Kyle's pimp move, taking She-Hulk out to an expensive dinner to try and talk her into this crazy idea. She's understandably concerned and cautious. From the very first issue, I've thought these two characters had a chemistry. Not romantic, mind you... but they've definitely got a connection. And, if nothing else, it shows that Kyle's got the gift of gab (a skill he's gonna need in the future, believe me).”

      Page 22

      Casey says: “Now, I don't want to give too much away here... exactly why Hellstrom is the one recruiting Krang into the Defenders. I suggest you read the issue for that. But with Krang being the wild card of the team (and when it's a team with the fuggin' Son of Satan as a member, being considered the "wild card" is probably saying something), he needs a specific kind of nudging to persuade him to join up. We all have our hot buttons, don't we...?”

      Page 26

      Casey says: “Another important bit of character interaction happening in this bit. Kyle Richmond and Joaquin Pennysworth. These are two guys with a decent amount of history between them. One of the things I'm proudest of as a writer is the creation of Joaquin as a character. It's the fun part of writing for Marvel... taking the established continuity and spinning something new out of it. And, at this point in the story, Joaquin's been through it and he's carrying around a lot of baggage. His feet of clay are on display for all to see. In other words, a pretty typical Marvel-style hero. And his story is just beginning. By the way, despite how Panel 1 looks... Joaquin can't fly. Not yet anyway.”

      And some final thoughts on the series from Casey...

      “This series has been an absolute blast to write. It's really the culmination of all the work I've ever done at Marvel over the last eleven years. To write a new, modern team book set in current Marvel continuity is definitely a dream gig for a guy who grew up on a steady Marvel diet of Englehart, Shooter, Michelinie, Gerber, Kraft, Wein, Wolfman, Byrne, Mantlo, DeMatteis, etc. So, hopefully, there's more to come... especially since there's tons of potential with this team. It was a helluva trip to get to this point...!”

      Check back Friday for a final Q&A with Casey about the series.

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