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1030Clare Grant and Cort Lane Talk Titania, She- Hulk and Skaar’s Bad Manners in ‘Hul

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  • supermutant2099
    Nov 21, 2013
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      Clare Grant and Cort Lane Talk Titania, She-Hulk and Skaar’s Bad Manners in ‘Hulk and the Agents Of SMASH’ [Interview]
      by Joseph Hughes Yesterday
      She-Hulk and Titania


      Marvel's animated shows are in part a way for the company to reach a wider audience than comics can, and to introduce a whole new generation of kids to the Marvel universe. This is a fact that wasn't lost on Clare Grant when the actress signed on to play Titania in Hulk and the Agents of SMASH. A noted comic book fan, Grant got into comics in part because of the '90s X-Men animated series, so it's perfectly understandable why she'd see this as an opportunity to reach a new generation of kids, and help introduce them to the characters she loves.

      We spoke to Grant and supervising producer Cort Lane about Titania's future on the show, getting into the Marvel universe at an early age, and playing a female character in a show largely dominated by male Hulks.

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