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1025The 50 Greatest Avengers of All-Time Pt. 3

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  • supermutant2099
    Nov 14, 2013

      Today, the world at large knows the Avengers from not only comics, but their exploits on the small screen, in theaters and beyond. But 50 years ago, AVENGERS #1 saw Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assemble for the very first time to combat the threats none could overcome alone.

      In the five decades since, dozens of men, women, aliens, machines, etc. have called themselves Avengers. From villains who once opposed the team to ordinary humans rising to the challenge and every form of hero in between, the top team in the Marvel Universe boasts the most impressive all-time roster around.

      To celebrate the Avengers’ 50th anniversary, Marvel.com called upon a panel of experts that included fans and professionals alike to pick the 50 al-time greatest members of the team. This list will unfold in five parts and feature write-ups as well as information and digital comics links spotlighting each Avenger.

      Please let us know what you think of our selections and share your own by tweeting @Marvel on Twitter and using the hashtag #Avengers50

      Read part one!
      Read part two!

      50. THE TWO-GUN KID

      46. SHANG-CHI


      ANT-MAN (Scott Lang)

      45. STINGRAY

      43. U.S. AGENT


      42. ARES
      41. FIRESTAR
      40. SWORDSMAN

      38. MOONDRAGON


      36. HAVOK


      35. HELLCAT
      34. THE THING

      33. MADAME WEB
      32. NAMOR

      31. IRON PATRIOT

      30. MOON KNIGHT

      First Appearance:
      Joined the Avengers:
      Why He’s #30:
      “I've always liked Moon Knight more than some other urban vigilantes one might name. Partly it's the ancient Egyptian mythology, which manifests in awesome weapon choices like scarab darts and an ankh club. Partly it's the costume, the silver-white suit with the cowl—not very stealthy, but incredibly striking. And partly, it’s because he’s a mess; hardly a case for the ideal Avenger, but he made it work somehow, at least for a bit. With his multiple personalities and his reckless disregard for his own safety, Moon Knight may be more unstable than just about any villain he's ever faced, and that makes him fascinating, particularly among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.” – Andrew Wheeler
      Digital Spotlight Comic:

      28. SPIDER-WOMAN

      First Appearance: MARVEL SPOTLIGHT #32
      Joined the Avengers:
      NEW AVENGERS #48
      Why She’s #28:
      “A relatively recent addition to the Avengers roster, Jessica Drew joined up after a Skrull impersonator beat her to it. Eventually, she did link up with the team, and in her brief tenure, she’s been manipulated and duped more than once, but she’s never given up. It’s that resilience that prompted Steve Rogers to ask her to join his latest team, which speaks volumes to her worth.” – Mathan Erhardt
      Digital Spotlight Comic:
      NEW AVENGERS #61


      First Appearance:
      Joined the Avengers:
      AVENGERS (1998) #38
      Why He’s Also #28:
      “Jonathan ‘Jack of Hearts’ Hart’s gifts also proved to be a burden when he joined the Avengers. His ability to fire concussive energy also made his power difficult to contain. To avoid losing control, he daily spent 14 hours in isolation to avoid exploding. The sacrifice ultimately became too much for Jack, who chose to leave the Avengers. In departing, he took a child murderer with him, and allowed himself to detonate in space.” – Tim O’Shea
      Digital Spotlight Comic:
      AVENGERS (1998) #76

      26. QUASAR

      First Appearance:
      Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS ANNUAL #18
      Why He’s #26:
      “Would you trust your universe to the protection of a man named Wendell Elvis Vaughan? As Quasar, Wendell seemed like a dorky kind of hero, always slightly out of his depth, but any man would be when facing cosmic entities and alien empires. Ultimately Quasar's humanity—his compassion, humility and adaptability—made him the right man to wield the awesome energy powers of the Quantum Bands and take the title of Protector of the Universe, not to mention an impactful Avenger who scored major wins against the likes of Ego the Living Planet and others.” – Andrew Wheeler
      Digital Spotlight Comic:
      QUASAR #33


      First Appearance:
      STRANGE TALES #110
      Joined the Avengers:
      NEW AVENGERS (2004) #27
      Why He’s Also #26:
      “It stands to reason that Earth's Sorcerer Supreme deserves a spot amongst Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Stephen Strange proved instrumental during the Secret Invasion of the alien Skrulls, using his magic to ferret out who amongst the team could be trusted and who could be an undercover shape-shifter. While Doctor Strange must personally deal with threats literally outside the realm of reality protected by the Avengers, he can be called upon as a powerful ally whenever the team finds itself in need.” – Ryan Haupt
      Digital Spotlight Comic:

      25. SPIDER-MAN

      First Appearance:
      AMAZING FANTASY (1962) #15
      Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #329
      Why He’s #25:
      “For years, Spider-Man defined the lone hero in the Marvel Universe, eschewing invitations to joins the Avengers more than once and taking it upon himself to shoulder great responsibility without help. Once he finally accepted Captain America’s entreaty to become one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes full-time, Spidey has taken to being part of a group, proving useful not only in the field and at the lab, but as a confidant to many of his teammates. Most importantly, the selfless nature of Spider-Man and dedication to a greater good embodies what an ideal Avenger should be.” – Ben Morse
      Digital Spotlight Comic:


      First Appearance:
      AVENGERS (1963) #47
      Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS (1963) #71
      Why He’s #24:
      “As a modern-day armored hero, Dane Whitman strived to not only continue the legacy of his medieval ancestor, the first Black Knight, but to wipe away the stain on his family named placed there by his criminal uncle, the second bearer of that mantel. After gaining the enchanted Ebony Blade, Whitman became a provisional Avenger and began to travel down an increasingly dark path, brought about mainly by a curse placed upon his sword. The Black Knight eventually rose through the ranks of the Avengers to become its field leader, but then left the team for personal reasons and today still struggles with the incredible weight of his legacy and the shadowy corruption of the Ebony Blade.” – Jim Beard
      Digital Spotlight Comic:
      AVENGERS (1963) #54


      First Appearance:
      ASTONISHING TALES (1970) #6
      Joined the Avengers: WEST COAST AVENGERS (1984) #1
      Why She’s #23:
      “Despite having no superpowers, Bobbi Morse proved sufficiently brilliant as a SHIELD agent and martial artist that she not only earned a spot in the ranks of the Avengers, but was picked to set up their West Coast branch with her husband Hawkeye. She's survived everything from life-threatening injury to alien abduction to, well, being married to Hawkeye. Given a power boost that enhances her strength and agility, she's sure to remain an Avenger on the front line of the fight.” – Andrew Wheeler
      Digital Spotlight Comic:

      22. TIGRA

      First Appearance:
      Joined the Avengers:
      AVENGERS #211
      Why She’s #22:
      “Greer Grant Nelson earns her stripes not only as a fierce combatant, but as a role model and teacher for the next generation of heroes. As the lithe and lethal Tigra, Greer overcame her personal demons as an invaluable member of the West Coast Avengers, choosing the group’s code against killing over an opportunity to quell the internal conflict between her human and cat-like personas. Dismiss her as a crazy cat lady or lusty sexpot at your own peril. Tigra lands on her feet with each new pitfall. However many of her nine lives remain, she dedicates that time and tumult to teaching, whether as a proctor of the Avengers Academy, or through example in the field.” – Paul Montgomery
      Digital Spotlight Comic:

      21. SHE-HULK

      First Appearance:
      Joined the Avengers: AVENGERS #221
      Why She’s #21:
      “While She-Hulk has served time with almost every super team in the Marvel Universe, the Avengers will forever be her first love. Unlike her equally irradiated cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters has managed to put in several long-lasting stints with the team, providing muscle, brains, and levity to some of their most dire missions. Her involvement with the group during their confrontation with the mad Scarlet Witch saw her naturally charismatic and upbeat personality replaced with an unstoppable berserker rage, but She-Hulk recovered from this harrowing incident and rejoined the super hero fold better than ever. With her unique mix of physical, mental, and emotional power, Jennifer Walters can’t be duplicated.” – Brett White
      Digital Spotlight Comic:
      AVENGERS (1998) #75

      The countdown continues tomorrow right here on Marvel.com, but in the meantime, share your thoughts on Twitter with us @Marvel using the hashtag #Avengers50!