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Ambassadors of Song

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  • Richard Shaw
    Ambassadors of Song by Dick Shaw, Harmony Foundation Trustee Sunshine District Coordinator for Ambassadors of Song. I want to pay tribute in this article
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2005
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      "Ambassadors of Song"

      by Dick Shaw, Harmony Foundation Trustee

      Sunshine District Coordinator for "Ambassadors of Song."

      I want to pay tribute in this article to a great guy. Don Loos
      has worked in Sunshine District in service to the Harmony Foundation for
      many years now and he has maintained the most positive and pleasant campaign
      possible. Don has been the master of the green bucket that he passed at
      district events and that he encouraged at all of our chapter meetings. He
      proudly made his district reports and handed out the awards for the various
      achievement levels at our House of Delegates meetings. Who can forget that
      smiling face standing at the door or maneuvering around the room encouraging
      us all?

      But, you know what? In spite of the success Don achieved that
      kept Sunshine in the forefront of district giving, we did not give him very
      good tools to work with. He had only the avenue of personal appeal and a
      chance to get at your loose change or small bills on a one-time basis. And,
      that was when he happened to be in the room.

      The Harmony Foundation has taken steps to rectify this mistake
      by rolling out the Ambassadors of Harmony program. We are calling it "The
      Power of Everyone." Basically it is an opportunity for the modest or first
      time giver to get his feet wet with a variety of ways to get involved in one
      time or regular giving. There is a brochure that more fully explains the
      options. They range from making a regular monthly donation through your
      credit card or direct bank withdrawal to a one-time gift. Special donations
      can be made to honor family or friends and, to top it off, you can designate
      up to 30% of your gift to go to your chapter or Sunshine District. You can
      split that 30% in any way you wish or have it all go to one destination.
      With all of these options, it is the kind of program that we wish Don had to
      work with all these years.

      Now, one of the best things about this program is that the
      donations are tax deductible and there will be an accurate record of your
      gift as well as written acknowledgment.

      There is a reason why this method of giving with these options
      makes sense. We would like to start every barbershopper on the road to
      sensible charitable giving to a cause in which he deeply believes. Many of
      our members have never participated in any sort of charitable endeavor and
      it is up to those of us who have embraced the culture of giving to show the
      way. I plan to do this by making a monthly contribution charged to my
      credit card. You as are free to choose your method of giving, but we hope
      that you will show your special commitment to the Society that has given
      such great rewards over the years.

      The responsibility of the Foundation will be to inform you of
      how your gifts are used to benefit the Society and its' programs. We call
      it "payback." We depend on these reports to give you that warm and
      satisfying feeling of seeing what your gifts have done. You can look for
      those reports in special inserts to the Harmonizer each year and there is a
      place where you can request e-mail updates on the donation form.

      So, here we are. The pitch, so to speak, has been made. As a
      Trustee of the Foundation I want to assure that your gifts and the special
      reasons for them are taken into account. So, now the only thing left to be
      done is for you to look for the insert in the Harmonizer, examine your heart
      and decide what you want to do about Ambassadors of Harmony so that we can
      demonstrate "The Power of Everyone." We hope to have a representative in
      your chapter in the very near future.

      And, thanks again, Don.

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