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36Human Rights Violations by Bush Administration/ATalk Show Host's nasty comments

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  • Snow Nymph
    Aug 8, 2005
      Even though your group has nothing to do with
      this subject please help us any way by passing
      our site to all your friends and acquaintances
      and help us with the Boycott. In spite of
      many telling us "No One cares" we are dedicated
      to making sure as many people as possible
      shall know our story even though the Media
      refuses to Air our story for 3 years now.

      Human Rights Violations etc against a couple
      Annette Martini and her husband Anthony Martini
      in the USA... Examine the Evidence carefully
      and the Proof...see what two crooked attorneys
      did to them and got away with it...

      Annette Martini and Anthony Martini are fighting
      back through their website....
      Please pass this website to all your friends
      and send a fax to all Senators and Congress and
      tell them how disgusted you are with what happened
      to Annette Martini and Anthony Martini!!!

      Read what a Talk Show Host wrote and examine what
      he did that was disgusting and boycott this person.

      Examine the nasty..nasty comments of US Immigration
      Employees...to two people that are LEGAL here..

      Examine the threats and nasty comments of some
      people that have been posted...all at...


      Thank you
      Annette Martini and Anthony Martini