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512Re: [Sun_Tzu] Humble thoughts

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  • Wilm123
    Sep 23, 2011
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      I agree captain.  I suppose I would view my decision making on whether or not to share strategy based on the need for power and effectiveness.  The more people I can collaborate on a strategy with the more power I bring to my causes, but the more I share the more resistive elements can detect and develop counter attacks. So there appears to be two wave fronts one extending from my center of gravity outwards towards my objectives, it builds capacity and strength by sharing and collaborating on strategy.  Then there are resistive centers of gravity with their long arms of intelligence, sensing and detecting the changes in the environment as my strategy is put in motion.
      So I must share my strategy to become powerful but some resources are more skilled at keeping the core of the strategy secret from competition than others.  At some point I have to share with my weaker allies the whole truth, but not until it’s absolutely necessary to maintain their support.  The ideal situation for the competition is to never realize my strategy but they should simply disappear.
      So how much more complicated are things when you must guard against your allies jealousy.

      From: Captain R.F Burton <sherpa35@...>
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      Subject: [Sun_Tzu] Humble thoughts


      I do not feel that such a a quote as the one dealing with denial and deception need a lot further elaboration as it would appear to encapsulate the premise that warfare (and by extension all things that relate to the act of war) is based upon deception.

      However rather than simply be polemic,I would argue because it is a neccesity to keep your strategies hidden until the last possible moment, and the best deceptions against the enemy may be those deceptions in which a partial number of your cadre are deceived as well.
      Only be appraised of the situation at the last possible moment.

      Of course these are merely my humble thoughts and opinions

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