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498Re: Sun Bin on the big screen

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  • kueikutzu
    Apr 5, 2011
      Just found this
      China Lion roars into North America
      It pacts with distrib New Video
      By Clifford Coonan

      BEIJING -- Distrib and digital content aggregator New Video has pacted with China Lion to distribute Chinese-language movies on North American cable video-on-demand, TV, digital and DVD platforms.

      Among the deals is an exclusive one with AMC Entertainment, which will unspool up to 15 local films per year on at least 23 screens in North American markets with large Chinese demographics -- most of them day-and-date with the theatrical release in China. "The Warring States" is set as its next release on April 22.

      New Video will distribute a selection of these films to home auds after their theatrical release.

      The multi-year agreement includes distribution of Chinese blockbuster, "Aftershock," which grossed over $100 million domestically, making it the biggest local film in Chinese box office history.

      Other forthcoming cross-platform releases include "If You Are the One 2" and "What Women Want."

      "Joining forces with China Lion is an exciting endeavor for us as we delve into a new film market and leverage New Video's physical and digital platforms to reach new audiences," said New Video's acquisitions VP Mark Kashden.

      China Lion CEO Milt Barlow said: "The best of Chinese cinema will now be available to North American audiences -- not only through day-and-date theatrical with our partners AMC, but also through new platforms including iTunes, Xbox, Netflix and cable VOD."

      Contact the variety newsroom at news@...

      end quoted

      Oddly, the IMDB has nothing on this movie
      It is supposed to have premieres in NY and LA in late april at the AMC theatres, but nothing there either.
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