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496Re: [Sun_Tzu] The Best Practices of the Strategists: The Processes and The Tools

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  • Wil
    Feb 22, 2011
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      I have to admit I haven't seen principles for practicing strategy summarized like that before.  I am particularly interested to know if you have a process for (3), "transform information into relevant intelligence," that you would like to share.  I could shoot off a 100 questions a minute if I could type that fast but perhaps I could ask one more.  Is there a framework mentioned in the text or one that you use to visualize the big picture before making strategic maneuvers?

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      There are numerous traditional practices of the strategist. Each school of strategic thoughts have their own view and their own set of practices. The best practices are usually mentioned behind closed doors. Those who know, usually don't say. It is the way of that profession.

      Here are some of those general practices that someone told me:
      1. Know the big tangible picture before making a strategic move.
      2. Know the universal rules of strategy.
      3. Be the quiet professional who knows how to transform information into relevant intelligence.
      4. Always have a process that enables one to be efficient and flexible.
      5. Communicate with metaphors that people can relate to
      6. There is more to the subject of strategy than the Art of War (AoW). Study the Eight Classics (Seven Strategy Classics and Sun Bin's Military Methods) and a few other set of strategy texts. On a side note, those who talk about the AoW all day, are usually selling smoke, mirrors, bells and whistles.

      I presumed that you and the other forum members already know this.
      There are smarter people here that could tell you more about this stuff.

      To most people, this is a quite boring topic. They would rather go to their search engine and get the idea of the answer, one click at a time.

      Now you know what I know. Good luck.

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      > Good question, I did kind of leave that open a bit.... It would be nice to talk about the common tools, processes, strategy, and tactics that seem like they would be applicable today.
      > Wil
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      > >What is your definition of "best practices"?
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      > >> Hey thanks for the heads up... If you feel like putting together a book review
      > >>
      > >> or even starting a little best practices discussions around the book, I would
      > >> love to hear your thoughts...
      > >>
      > >> Thanks again, and I already placed it on my To Do list...
      > >
      > >> > Wil

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