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  • Janet Kira Lessin
    DIVORCE DICTATORIAL DIETIES & THEIR DESCENDANTS DOMINATING US TO DATE by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. sashalessinphd@aol.com Extraterrestrial miners who rocketed to
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2007

      by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D. sashalessinphd@...

      Extraterrestrial miners who rocketed to Earth seeking gold 450,000
      years ago.

      The ETs, who became the gods of old, were merely people like us--but
      longer living--with advanced technology.

      These "gods" intervened, beginning 300,000 years ago, in our genetic
      evolution. They grafted their genes into the genome of Homo Erectus
      (a humanoid species devolved from earlier Homo Sapien settlers of
      Earth) to create a slave species. They created the slave species--
      that's us-- to mine for them.

      The gods continued intervening in our physical, social, intellectual
      and consciousness evolution. They conditioned us to a mental matrix
      of patriarchal hierarchy, violence, obedience and disregard for the
      consciousness of underlings. Sitchin's work lets us evaluate the ET
      interventions and transcend the the master-slave mentality they and
      their successors instilled in us.

      Sitchin translates clay scrolls and inscriptions from ancient Sumer
      and other early civilizations on Earth. He owns the world's largest
      acknowledged collection of such evidence. Sitchin's Sumerian
      information frees us from the stranglehold of organized religions,
      governments and corporations that feed on ignorance of our true
      origins. Everything changes for us when we realize, thanks to
      Sitichin's translations, that the gods of old were merely people like
      us--but longer living--with more advanced technology.

      The Sumerian scrolls record dynastic and atmospheric crises 450,000
      years ago on the planet Nibiru--the far-orbiting tenth planet of our
      solar system. Nibiru came nearest the Sun every 3, 600 years or so
      until 10, 900 B.C.E. , when Miranda, a moon of Nibiru, hit and tilted
      Uranus and became one a moon of Uranus. The gravitational pull of
      Uranus on Nibiru slowed Nibiru's orbit around the Sun to 3,450 Earth-
      years [Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Days, page 316].

      Nibirans, people who look like very tall Scandinavians, live millions
      of years. However, half a million years ago, they desperately needed
      gold to shield their planet from fatal atmosphere loss. They knew
      they could get gold on Earth. Sitchin's translations relate how the
      prospect of Earth's gold first drew Nibiru's great scientist, Prince
      Enki then his brother Enlil, their sister Ninmah and siblings'
      children as well as 600 miners and 300 shuttle crewmen, to our planet.

      In Africa 300,000 years ago, Enki responded to a mutiny he covertly
      fomented in the goldmines. He'd replace Nibiran miners with hybrid
      slaves. He, his sister Ninmah and his son Ningishzidda would splice
      their genes into the genome for Homo Erectus, a uniquely
      compassionate primate he'd been studying. The resulting creatures
      would serve as a slave race to dig the gold. The slaves would tend
      crops and livestock for the mining expedition complexes in
      Mesopotamia (Iraq) and for themselves. After the Deluge, 13, 000
      years ago, the Nibiran astronauts had their Earthlings build cities
      in Sumer. The Nibirans bade their slaves address them as "gods". The
      gods lived in luxury in ziggurat castles next to their aircraft
      hangars. The gods managed their Earthlings through priest-kings--
      hybrid descendants of Enki's Earthling lovers.

      The gods taught Earthlings information and skills so they could best
      serve the gods, their needs and the expedition's mining mission--
      skills in astronomy, mathematics, agriculture, herding, writing,
      architecture and geology. Several gods dictated memoirs to slave
      scribes. These memoirs recorded the dictating gods' personal slants
      on the formation of the Solar System, history on Nibiru, the
      expedition to Earth, the Flood, and the god's take on current events.

      The gods divided into competing lineages of Enki's descendants versus
      the descendants of his half-brother Enlil. As part of this
      competition--Enkiites vs Enlilites--the gods taught Earthlings the
      skills and mind-set of genocidal war, violence, slaving and
      defoliation. Each god insisted on unquestioning obedience to him or
      her. Each god demanded his or her slaves hate and fight opponent
      gods' kings and slaves.

      Some Earthlings escaped into the hinterlands, away from the gods'
      wars. No more would they be fodder for spears, arrows and chariots.
      They'd escape also terrible technological killing devices of the
      gods: explosives, lasers, gas and biological agents. In 2023 B.C.
      wars of the gods climaxed in thermonuclear genocide of Earthlings in
      Canaan and Mesopotamia. The unexpected fallout from the nuking forced
      the gods to scatter over or exit Earth.

      Nibirans recorded impeccable evidence that they--extraterrestrials--
      settled and civilized Earth. Evidence they left includes stone-carved
      star charts that map Neptune, Uranus, Pluto--three planets beyond eye-
      range from Earth. Maps chart rocket routes through our solar system.
      The maps feature accurate geographical details of the entire Earth.
      Details on the maps could only have been charted from space. One such
      detail on the maps is an accurate drawing of the landmass under the
      Antarctic icesheet. The astronauts were able to map Antarctic land
      after 11,000 B.C., because the sheet had slid into the South Sea,
      caused the Deluge and drowned most Earthlings.

      Our science confirms the records the gods dictated to their scribes.
      We have verified and continue to verify the Nibiran goldminers'
      genetic, metallurgical, geological, scientific, mathematic,
      astronomical accounts. Modern biology validates Sumerian engravings
      of Enki and his sister Ninmah splicing double helix DNA to create an
      Earthling worker. Our science still can't move and join giant stone
      slabs as did the Nibirans for their navigational landmarks. Nibirans
      fitted huge rocks for the launch pad in Lebanon, the Giza pyramids
      and monuments on our moon, Mars and on Mars' moon, Phoebos.

      With Sitchin's evidence we free ourselves to create a new paradigm, a
      paradigm unfettered by the heirarchic godspell. "Godspell" is
      philosopher Neal Freer's word for the yearning of us Earthlings with
      a slave mentality. We yearn for the return of the masters, the so-
      called gods who abandoned us. The gods--through the religions they
      propagated to propitiate them--programmed us to kill followers of
      other gods.

      Gods are merely long-lived, technologically advanced humans with a
      wide range of individual quirks and a hierarchic, patriarchal warlike
      culture. They obsess with genealogical precedence and male
      superiority. Most gods are petty, murderous slavers, contemptuous of
      Earthlings' consciousness.

      Now, with the truth of our origins known, we can break violent,
      greedy and murderous patterns the ETs taught us and perpetrate
      through their representatives among us. We can break the godspell,
      become peers rather than servants of the gods. We and they evolve
      together to support, encouragement, love and celebrate consciousness
      and its manifestations.

      For more on the settlement of the so-called gods fromNibiru on Earth
      and their interaction with us see www.enkispeaks.com
    • strangegroove17
      ... thinking...i been reading Sitching s books for about 10 years...and recently i read a book called Slave Specie of god!!! (and is god with out capital
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 3, 2007
        >WAAAHHHOOOO!!!.....is nice to know that im not alone in my way of
        thinking...i been reading Sitching's books for about 10 years...and
        recently i read a book called Slave Specie of god!!! (and is god with
        out capital G.)...and i would like to recommend you this readings by
        south african Author Michael Tellinger....i really believe you will
        enjoy this book....Sitching is sited many times in many chapters, and i
        believe the book is great.....and by the way i just admire the way you
        describe all this methascience experience. .. i would like to know if
        you can to have an generational kind of tree about what god was brother
        or uncle, wife, father ...wathever ....just to see who was who and
        their other names in others ancient peoples around the world.....Thank
        you and best of luck to you.......Charlie Chill !!!
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