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My Interviews at Sizzling Releases & Dark Diva Reviews + A Free Read

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  • Charisma
    Hey everyone, I was interviewed by Rie McGaha over at Sizzling Releases. When you have a moment, please stop by and say hi.
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      Hey everyone, I was interviewed by Rie McGaha over at Sizzling Releases. When you have a moment, please stop by and say hi.



      Wicked Wednesday Interview @ Dark Diva Reviews




      Check out my free read & others at my blog and website.


      Excerpt of Ancient Alpha Wolf:

      "I'm cold again," I breathed, as another chill penetrated my body.

      "You speak of discomfort and all that would be lost if you were to stay with me. Do you not remember me telling you of times I've suffered plague, famine, disease, even death? The times when I starved, not knowing when I would receive my next meal? Not to mention loneliness, without you by my side" My wolf said through gritted teeth. I lost you many lifetimes ago, and now that I have you, I will not allow you to leave me so easily!" He said, carefully lowering his body on top of mine, barely pressing his weight against me. He kissed my cheek, slowly gravitating towards my neck, the spot that would leave me panting for mercy, he knew. I closed my eyes, allowing a sigh to escape my lips as I felt his massive bulge through my flimsy silk nightie.

      "So, you will keep me here against my will?" I asked, as my wolf slowly released my wrists and commenced to peel the silk nightie from my body. I squirmed beneath his gaze as my full breasts were exposed, my nipples standing erect, like little milk chocolate morsels. Wetness flooded my black lace panties as my wolf growled in appreciation. He always knew when I became wet, he could smell me, and in turn, that excited me to no end. A smile formed upon his lips as he gathered the silk in his hands, threatening to rip it from my body.

      "No, don't, I love this nightgown," I whispered.

      "I'll replace it Zenavuk," he growled. "Defiantly, he pulled the fabric, ripping it from my body as though it were a piece of paper. His eyes roamed appreciatively over my curves, and I suffered another chill, causing me to shiver uncontrollably. Quickly, my wolf bent down, planting a smoldering, passionate kiss upon my lips, igniting my body with a fire, warming my heart as well as my soul. "Now, you will not be so cold, my Zenavuk, my goddess." Smiling, he pulled the fabric over my hips, becoming even more excited as my slick folds boldly poked out from my swollen, moist lips. Inhaling deeply, and growling, my wolf aggressively ripped the fragile lace panties from my body, leaving my naked flesh completely vulnerable to him.

      For this and other free reads, visit http://charismaknight.webs.com





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