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RE: [Sufi_Poetry] Afghan Malang

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  • isham ishaya
    hey sheik medhi! what s up? how abut a phone number ok.? Love ~isham ... _________________________________________________________________ Like the way
    Message 1 of 2 , May 15, 2007
      hey sheik medhi! what's up? how abut a phone number ok.?
      Love ~isham

      >From: "Sheikh Mehdi abd al Qadir Malang" <mehdimalang@...>
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      >Subject: [Sufi_Poetry] Afghan Malang
      >Date: Fri, 11 May 2007 16:45:42 -0000
      >When asked about the Afghan Malang Sheikh Qadir said
      >"They are holy ones thought to be touched by the hand of Allah. Some
      >go about naked, moving with the seasons; others dress in women's
      >clothes; still others wear elaborate, often outlandish, concoctions
      >of their own design. Usually Afghan, Iranian, Pakistani, or Indian
      >Sufi Muslims, Malang travel from place to place, fed, honored, at
      >times feared by local populations, or at least held in awe. Often,
      >they spout unintelligible gibberish, words they claim to be from
      >Allah or a local saint. At other times, they quote the Qur'an. Some
      >Malang are immediately recognizable by their distinctive dress and
      >accoutrements: a long robe, chains and bead necklaces, a wooden or
      >metal bowl called Kaj Kol that they hang over their shoulder, and a
      >staff called Asah. Children follow them and they will play with them.
      >They see the world not as we see it but in the way of the moth
      >seeking the light. Not as male or female but as the lover seeking the
      >beloved. La ill la ha ill la la lights the way before them. Some say
      >they left their religion, but I ask how can someone leave something
      >when belief has fled from them and knowledge is there friend. At that
      >point, the truth and seeker are one and yet no one understands them."

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