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54Open letter to my brothers and sisters

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  • Sheikh Mehdi abd al Qadir Malang
    Jul 26 12:26 PM
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      Aslam Alakum my Brothers and Sisters
      This is an open letter to answer questions asked by many.
      The Sufi poetry space is open to all. I do not monitor or censer any
      material that comes in. I do not use or condone profanity and
      intelligent people can use other words to express themselves, so I
      may delete that. I am online very little; I have no computer of my
      own so it takes a little while to respond. It is your space not mine
      so write. If you read some thing that inspires you write. this is not
      my own personal space I just hold it in trust for you to share with
      one and other. In sharing may we all learn more. Seek knowledge.
      Also I post gatherings for people and I would like to know about them
      if you go. I do censer it first.
      Sufi is not a religion. It is a term meaning ones who are trying to
      surrender to god.
      It is not my way or the highway. In the Quran it states there is no
      compulsion in religion and Allah leads whom he will [ruff translation
      my Allah for give me for my mistakes]. You are not following Islam if
      you don't follow Quran and Hadith. Meaning no harming innocent people
      for you own agenda or beliefs. No taking your own life it is harem
      and forbidden. There is no reason to kill yourself, no matter what
      any one tells you. You are not a martyr just some one who is not
      following god law. I pray Allah punishes those who teach this
      unislamic and unholy act.
      In a Christian hand out they say Allah comes from a term meaning moon
      god, who ever wrote this propaganda has not studded Christianity.
      Jesus prayed to Allah and in the Bible Jesus said don't call me
      perfect only Allah is perfect.
      My beliefs are simple I know there is no god but Allah and the Nabi
      is his messenger. The words of the messenger are important so study
      Hadith. I do not follow any school [Mathab] but I study those who
      came before me and if it is not contrary to the Quran or the Nabi I
      use it in my life. There are many good Sheikhs who left us a good
      solid path to help us on our way. May peace and blessing be on the
      Nabi Mohammed and may peace and blessing be on the 24,000 Prophets
      before him{some say the Nabi was the last prophet some say the last
      in the line of Abraham I do not know only Allah knows}.
      On last thing if my spelling or grammar is wrong or if I am wrong may
      Allah forgive me. I have very little time to type out letters, I try
      to catch the mistakes, but only Allah is perfect.
      Mehdi abd al-Qadir Malang