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43Do u think that Muslims r bad or good?what exactly about them?

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  • Sheikh Mehdi abd al Qadir Malang
    Jun 2, 2007
      My daughter asked me to answer this question off the Internet.
      The word Muslim means one who has surrender their life to god.
      The Islamic faith has the same problems as all other religions;
      people take personal belief and culture plus bad interruption and act
      upon that. In Islam, it states if you harm an innocent person, you
      harm the whole world. I have even read In Christian pamphlets put out
      by a church that Allah is a moon god these ideas come from uneducated
      people. When Jesus prayed he spoke Aramaic. The word for god in
      Aramaic is Allah. I have even heard Muslims hate Christians. How can
      one religion hate another when they both have Jesus teaching in the
      same book? The Quran has Jesus teachings and talks about the second
      coming. Many Muslims have a Quran and a Bible. The world is to full
      of people and governments saying I am right and everyone else is
      wrong instead of saying, lets work together and bring peace into the
      "As it states in the Quran: `Oh you who believe, stand up firmly for
      justice, as witnesses to God, even if it be against yourselves, or
      your parents, or your kin, and whether it be against rich or poor;
      for God can best protect both. Do not follow any passion, lest you
      not be just. And if you distort or decline to do justice, verily God
      is well-acquainted with all that you do.'" (Quran 4:135)
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