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37From the people of the secret. Darqawi Institute Morroco

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  • Sheikh Mehdi abd al Qadir Malang
    Jul 23, 2006
      The Meaning of Man by Sidi Ali al-Jamal of Fez
      "Part of what the Shaykh said to me [-may Allah profit us by him!] Is,
      "My son,All the arts are such that whoever is annihilated in his art,
      norms will certainly be broken for him in it. Whoever is not
      annulated in his art never has norms broken for him in it because
      annulation is required.Its recompense from Allah ta'ala is braking
      norms in it. The author of the hakim said "How can norms be broken for
      you when you have not broken the norms in yourself." If you want to
      see a wonder in a thing, then be annihilated in it and norms will be
      broken foe you in it. Whatever you touch with sincerity only touches
      you with sincerity. What touches with lies, only touches you with
      lies" Annihilation here means sincerity in seeking.