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Love - A Discussion Using Palmistry

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  • Myrna Lou Goldbaum
    LOVE – A DISCUSSION Myrna Lou Goldbaum Too often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the
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      Myrna Lou Goldbaum

      Too often, we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind
      word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of
      caring, ALL of which have the potential to turn a life around.
      Leo Buscaglia


      LOVE is:

      Creating calm in the midst of chaos

      Taking time with one another to reflect and recharge

      Knowing the power of simple beauty and sharing it

      Nourishing body and soul together

      Helping each other streamline the ways life is managed

      Inspiring ideas that embrace a more satisfying way of living

      Focusing on those things that matter the most

      Discovery of self

      Rewards of a simpler life

      Taking charge of life

      Creative rituals to keep the relationship close

      I have been a Palmist 59 years and I instinctively KNOW when a person
      who comes to me for a reading is in love, desires a partner or is with
      the wrong one. A person seeking a mate has a distinct mark and feel to
      their palm. Love should flow with spontaneity; it should not be
      structured. True love in everyday living is enduring and mutually
      satisfying to both partners. It is giving to another, and whatever is
      given out should be returned. The purpose of life is "Growth". Soul
      mates are growth relationships. There are many different kinds of
      relationships that come from the soul's desire to experience growth.
      Soul mates produce a powerful energy which becomes a force of its own.
      A new, fresh, boundless energy with it's own identity forms out the
      union. The vibrations of love act as a teacher, thus the soul mates
      grow, together.Change is experienced gradually.


      Sex is a profound, far-reaching aspect of the soul, bringing together
      body, emotion and imagination in an intense experience that touches
      every fiber of feeling within. Sex offers guidance where strong
      emotions reside. It is a form of education, not just the physical
      expression of love, but an aspect of one's entire life. Issues one
      may be worrying about can affect the intensity of lovemaking for
      better or worse. The soul is affected more by our treatment of desire
      and longing than by our failure to get everything right. There is
      something playful about erotic experiences.

      The human palm sends out the message to an experienced palm reader
      with the following:
      1. Mental
      2. Physical
      3. Emotional

      Powerful points of contact:
      Likes attract, opposites oppose
      New knowledge and new possibilities

      At times soul mates miss the opportunity to find one another; the same
      as two ships passing in the night. Maybe one is tied up with another
      individual and unable to obtain their freedom. A reuniting cannot
      take place and this is sad, but happens many times. There is no
      reversal in some situations. Ideally, a soul mate arrives on the
      scene when their other half is free and wishing for the existence of
      one to bond with who is like them.

      True love is giving, sharing, not limiting. Love's destiny is to last
      or lapse. In love, the point of rule is to be the icing on the cake
      for another. You are the cake. We must all discover our inner happiness.

      The relationship to self is of utmost importance. The key in any
      relationship is to love yourself before you can give your love someone
      else. Love is patient and kind, not jealous or haughty. It is never
      rude, selfish or resentful. It is gladdened by goodness and believes
      the best about everyone. Love is eager to assist. It is always
      hopeful, cheerful and filled with good fellowship.

      Love is the basis of all culture. Through love we can relate to
      creation. Through love we relate to the Universal source. The greater
      our love, the closer we are to God. Through God we are linked to the

      Love in the heart does not discriminate.
      Love is beyond judgment. A person whose heart is full of love bestows
      love on all alike. Those who are evil will not accept love. Those who
      accept love are good and will return it many times over. Love grows
      and is the "Light that Illuminates the Soul" and the world around us.

      Relationships are a mirror of self and our relationships grow through
      change. Since change is what makes the world go around, it is OK to
      leave one relationship and have another if the present one wasn't

      The greatest obstacle we each face in any relationships is fear. We
      carry it locked inside. One someone loves us back the fear melts and
      we are no longer afraid of the unknown, of losing the person, or part
      of our own personality to them. We are calm and can be caring and feel

      We must each balance nurturing of self with giving of self to another.
      But in love, we must find the balance within ourselves first so that
      we will be able to balance with another. Because the presence of
      imbalance through lack of honest communication can cripple a
      relationship no one desires that outcome.

      Ask yourself:
      "What is it that makes a relationship tick?"
      "Am I in the right relationship?"

      In love we encourage each others freedom and individuality while
      sharing, creating a mutual wholeness with them.

      You must have respect for self, then you can respect another. Honor
      yourself by giving your love to others.

      Between two people the theme is "What do we have in common?"
      Body language transmits signals.
      Forgiveness is the key to letting go of the past.

      If you want a mate and don't presently have one in your life you can
      have one if you manifest them. You have to have some idea of what you
      are looking for, the criteria list of traits your system desires in
      another. Ask your guardian angel for guidance and assistance to greet
      and meet your soul mate.

      In Love & Light
      Myrna Lou Goldbaum

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