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Re: Welcome

Hi Jonas, Fusion R is quite a shop. They have everything from bolts to engines. Got my car fixed had to replace the differential (Common problem for the late
alberto maglutac
Jun 28, 2012

Re: Welcome

Hi Albert. We're in the US and now have a BH Legacy wagon and a old GC Impreza! Engines are cheaper here but labor is a killer. Bahala na if we will do
Jun 19, 2012

Re: Welcome

Thanks Jonas, is your Legacy sold or still for sale? I was able to talk to Jona and they do have the rear differential 4.4 gear ratio on hand. Unfortunately, I
alberto maglutac
Jun 19, 2012

Re: Welcome

Hi.  Try Oliver Go of Fusion R.  The shop is located on E. Rodriguez near the intersection with Tomas Morato.  If you are on Tomas Morato approaching E.
Jonas Cruz
Jun 19, 2012

Re: Welcome

Dear Jonas, I am writing to check with you if you have reliable source for subaru legacy 1997 parts. I need parts for the rear differential of my car. Will
Alberto L. Maglutac
Jun 18, 2012


Hi. This is Jonas. I apologize for the late response to your membership requests. I hope you all still own your Subarus and that it is a Legacy wagon.
Nov 24, 2011

Can we restart?

My apologies. As admin for this group, I've been remiss in it's promotion with other Subaru Legacy owners in the Philippines. If you no longer wish to be a
Feb 21, 2010
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