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Re: [SubEthaEdit] Customize Toolbar

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  • EricBrian
    ... Thank you! :) It worked nicely. Eric
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 5 10:41 AM
      On 1/5/07, Martin Pittenauer <map@...> wrote:

      On 31.12.2006, at 20:20, Eric wrote:

      > So, I've found how to customize the toolbar. And now, I want to add a
      > save button, but I can't find the save button in the list of available
      > icons.
      > Is this not possible? Or, am I just not doing it correctly?

      Usually Cocoa Applications tend to not have save buttons in the
      toolbar. There might even be a human interface guideline advising
      against it, if I remember correctly.

      However I attached two files you can place in your "Library/
      Application Support/SubEthaEdit/Scripts" Folder. After a "Reload
      Scripts" in the script menu, or an application restart a save button
      should show up in the toolbar customization dialog.

      Have fun,


        Thank you! :) It worked nicely.

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