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SubEthaEdit and (Apple)Script Debugger Hi, Since I did install Script debugger, SubEthaEdit stalls for a minute and then try to opens Script Debugger. If I remove it it give me a notice that
Nov 22, 2012
Re: Tutoring/Collaborative learning via SubEthaEdit? Anyone interested in helping other Mac users learn Python?
Apr 28, 2012
Tutoring/Collaborative learning via SubEthaEdit? I'm not looking for this right at the moment, but maybe a little bit further down the line. Is there any sort of "Learner's Circle" for SubEthEdit? Something
Apr 25, 2012
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Meet Marvin (SubEthaEdit helper tool) Hey folks, Just thought I'd let you know that Marvin has been released. Read more about it here: http://zenangst.com/page/apps/marvin Hope you like it.
Apr 24, 2012
French Localization for latest version of SubEthaEdit ? Hi, I'm a french user of SEE and would like to consider translating UI files/strings for the latest version, if it's not too much of a work (at least give it a
Jan 19, 2012
Re: Determining tab width in an AppleScript Thanks for confirming that. That omission is pretty limiting when it comes to inserting text to match the existing program structure, so I hope you'll consider
Aug 4, 2011
Re: Script for viewing markdown in Marked For reasons not entirely clear to me, the script will hang on some files (naturally, none I tested before posting about it!), with SubEthaEdit waiting for a
Aug 2, 2011
Re: Determining tab width in an AppleScript ... Right now that's not available via scripting, with is - I agree - an oversight. Sorry. All the best, Martin
Martin Pittenauer
Jul 25, 2011
Script for viewing markdown in Marked I wrote a little AppleScript to open Markdown documents in the Marked previewer, and thought some others might find it useful. It needs to be saved as a
Jul 25, 2011
Determining tab width in an AppleScript I'd like to determine the tab width of SEE documents. There doesn't seem to be anything relevant in the scripting dictionary, but perhaps I've just missed it.
Jul 25, 2011
Folding in LaTeX mode for chapters and section Hi, is it possible in general to make the folding working also for chapters, section, paragraphs, .. in LaTeX Mode? It works for begin-end-blocks, but the
Mar 17, 2011
Re: Using LaTeX in SubEtha ... This is not the whole story. The LaTeX mode is customizable, so you can change how the document is compiled. This lets you pipe the output of the
Mar 13, 2011
Using LaTeX in SubEtha Hi *, I am currently trying hard to switch from TexShop to SubEthaEdit for my scientific writing. I would love to explain you a bit about the work-flow I've
Feb 14, 2011
Send code from SubEthaEdit to R? Dear Subetha group, How one would pass code to R from SubEthaEdit? Scott
Scott Chamberlain
Dec 12, 2010
Re: How to: Open and Append Document Hi griffin239, Here is a small script that might just do what you want: tell application "SubEthaEdit" set outputName to "murgalua Output" as text try set x to
Apr 6, 2010
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SubEthaEdit scripting - version 2 Hi folks, Just wanted to let you know that I just released version 2.0 of my SubEthaEdit scripts. You can find them over at
Mar 25, 2010
How to: Open and Append Document Here is the meat of the script I'm using. --It runs my front document in murgaLua, all well and good. tell application "Terminal" activate set
Mar 19, 2010
Modeless scripts Some tasks in SEE make more sense to be available for all modes, not just a few. As an example, adding or removing comments is of interest for just about every
Mar 6, 2010
TaskPaper mode I've written a mode for TaskPaper documents. The main features are syntax highlighting, scripts for task management, and project navigation using the function
Mar 1, 2010
Ctags I wrote some scripts to support Ctags within SEE. They can be downloaded here: . I blogged about the scripts; a summary
Feb 20, 2010
Re: Scripts no longer show in contextual menus ... That's a bug we intend to fix. All the best, Martin
Martin Pittenauer
Sep 23, 2009
Scripts no longer show in contextual menus I notice that scripts no longer appear in the contextual menus, regardless of the "inContextMenu" setting. Is this deliberate? Will the feature return?
Sep 23, 2009
Re: Working with indentation in scripts ... Currently this is not available via AppleScript unfortunately. But I will file it as a feature enhancement. All the best, Martin
Martin Pittenauer
Sep 17, 2009
Working with indentation in scripts Is there any way to get either the indentation level or the tab width for scripting purposes? I don't see anything promising in the AppleScript dictionary, but
Sep 16, 2009
Re: 3.5 Update or Snow Leopard? ... We decided to handle selection differently than the standard text system on 10.6 in that case and maintain 10.5 behavior in 3.5.1. Apple is welcome to
Martin Pittenauer
Aug 31, 2009
Re: 3.5 Update or Snow Leopard? Awesome. It does seem like an odd behavior change although I'm sure they have their reasons. What are the chances you'll implement the fix and then Apple will
Aug 31, 2009
Re: 3.5 Update or Snow Leopard? ... It's a change in Snow Leopard, but we are currently contemplating to make SubEthaEdit behave like 10.5 in that case, as the change strikes us as odd in
Martin Pittenauer
Aug 31, 2009
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3.5 Update or Snow Leopard? Does SubEthaEdit or the OS (Snow Leopard) control the double-click selection? I updated to 3.5 at roughly the same time I installed Snow Leopard so I don't
Aug 31, 2009
Re: Updating the Makefile mode ... Indeed I identified this as a bug we will fix for 3.5.1. It causes some keyword groups to not highlight consistently currently. Sorry for that. Took me a
Martin Pittenauer
Aug 25, 2009
Re: Updating the Makefile mode ... No, it is not. The contents of is: It looks like SHELL
Aug 25, 2009
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