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8Trouble with collaborative edditing lately :s

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  • thomazzl
    Feb 7, 2006
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      Don't know if this is the place to post this but I couldn't think of anywhere else and I'm
      very sad since I can't use collaborative editing.
      I've been using SubEthaEdit intensively for more than a year and everything was going well
      until last week. Now when I contact somebody, I can't see his icon (a problem I could live
      with) but what's more important is that when I invite him on a document, I can only see
      what he writes for a few seconds. Then his cursor freezes. He says that he can still see
      what I write but I don't see what he writes. And when that person tries to contact me, he
      doesn't see my icon either and when inviting me on a document, nothing happens on my
      computer (no invitation). I know the problems comes from me because I've got the same
      thing with SubEthaEdit's test machine while my friend has no trouble connecting to it.

      I've tried to reinstall SubEthaEdit but I knew it would do nothing because it seems to have
      something to do with my network, not specifically my computer : the same problem
      happens with my other computers. But I did nothing to my network recently !! AFTER the
      problem started, I mapped a few new ports (6943 to 6951, I had only 6942 mapped
      formerly, but it didn't solve the problem :s) and that's all.

      I'm using SubEthaEdit 2.2 with free non-commercial use licence on Panther.

      Please help me !

      (Oh, and as usual : I'm french so please excuse my english mistakes)
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