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79Re: [SubEthaEdit] SubEthaEdit icons

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Feb 7 8:36 AM
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      On 06.02.2007, at 21:53, Pat Dengler wrote:
      > I'm not sure that I can do that with pref files though...some are
      > not clearly associated with files. The pref files that don't have
      > the SEE icon are set to 'none' but once an app has been chosen, I
      > can't get it back to 'none'.

      That's a purely cosmetical concern, if I understand correctly?

      The problem is that SubEthaEdit is capable of editing .plist files,
      tells the Finder so and automatically gets assigned. Indeed you can't
      go back to being unable to edit .plist files and therefore having a
      blank icon.

      If this is a heartfelt issue, please contact me at
      monkeys@... and I will send you a personal build of
      SubEthaEdit that doesn't tell the Finder that it's capable of
      editing .plist files...

      All the best,
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