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77Re: [SubEthaEdit] SubEthaEdit icons

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Feb 6, 2007
      On 06.02.2007, at 17:15, pdenglerla wrote:

      > SEE icons are appearing in many places on my computer (MBP 2.33
      > Ghz) - this has happened
      > before with a previous installation too. Files (including
      > preferences...) that belong to other
      > programs are getting the SEE icon attached to them. Is there a fix
      > for this?

      Mac OS X associates the newest application on the system capable of
      editing files with files that have no preference for "Open With:".

      The fix is to associate the files in question with an application
      Select a file in Finder, press Command-I, choose the application in
      "Open With:" and click "Change All".

      Hope this helps,
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