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67Re: [SubEthaEdit] "Encoding Doctor"

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  • Martin Pittenauer
    Dec 19, 2006
      On 20.12.2006, at 03:06, Eric wrote:

      > Where and how is this ecoding doctor used? I couldn't find any info on
      > it on the site. Ok, I might not have looked VERY hard. Anybody have a
      > link maybe?

      The encoding doctor comes up you if ty to convert a text to an
      encoding that can't represent all of its characters. (E.g. a text
      that contains umlauts "öüä" that is told to convert to "Western
      (ASCII)"). It gives you the chance to either convert those characters
      in a lossy fashion if possible (e.g. umlauts lose their diacritic
      mark, aka the dots) or lets you fix the problems manually and try to
      convert again.

      For a screen shot see http://codingmonkeys.de/blog/articles/

      All the best,
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